Roles and responsibilities

This section provides an overview of your roles and responsibilities. This includes professional, administrative and practical matters.

It is important to note that Charles Sturt employs a range of health professionals across paramedicine and allied health professions in the role of Professional Supervisors.


The Clinical Preceptor is an experienced registered heath professional appointed to supervise student placement, support their learning and evaluate undergraduate paramedicine students during the workplace learning (WPL) component of a clinical subject.

Clinical Preceptors may be responsible for:

  • providing guidance and developing mentoring opportunities for students
  • assessing and facilitating the learning needs of students
  • promoting links between theory and practice for students
  • evaluating the learning performance of students
  • providing a professional role model to students.

The Clinical Preceptor role may include the following:

  • Familiarising yourself with the students’ scope of practice for the relevant clinical subject.
  • Orientating students to the clinical area.
  • Providing quality patient care while supporting and educating students.
  • Assisting students to meet their learning objectives and facilitating learning opportunities for them to achieve these objectives.
  • Assessing students’ ongoing performance and clinical competence over the course of the placement.
  • Assisting students to behave appropriately according to the professional setting.
  • Liaising with the clinical subject coordinator regarding students’ progress.
  • Responding promptly to the immediate concerns and needs of students and the healthcare facility.
  • Promoting the safety of patients/clients and students through the selection and negotiation of appropriate learning experiences.


The School of Nursing, Paramedicine and Healthcare Sciences, recognises your valuable contribution to the learning experiences of our students. As such, communication is available to you 24/7 via email or phone. As a clinical preceptor you can expect:

  • updates regarding changes or innovations in the WPL space at CSU
  • the opportunity to participate in meetings (teleconference/online) where concerns regarding student performance, attitude or wellbeing has been raised
  • timely response from any communication that is initiated by you as a clinical preceptor
  • follow up regarding the outcome of any issue or matter raised by you as a clinical preceptor.

Student Placement Tracking and Evaluations

Students should refer to their subject outline, regarding their assessment task requirements for any given WPL activity. All tracking and evaluations must be submitted via the online tracking system; Comptracker.

CompTracker is an application that helps to enter, track and manage information associated with a students' progress in their skill or competency focused program. It enables students, instructors, and administrators to replace the old paper ways of tracking students through the use of mobile devices and a secure website.

Should you or the students require assistance with the program, please contact the clinical subject coordinator for advice and direction.