Term or acronymDefinition

Bachelor of Paramedicine

The Bachelor of Paramedicine is an undergraduate degree conferred by Charles Sturt. This degree meets the requirements of ANMAC, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and the Australia Qualifications Framework.

Clinical Preceptor

A Clinical Preceptor is a clinician who provides workplace support to students. They are employed by the health service according to their position description as a registered clinician.

Clinical Subject

A clinical subject is a unit of study in the BP course that includes a Workplace Learning (WPL) component.

Clinical Subject Coordinator/Convenor

An academic staff member in the School of Nursing, Paramedicine and Healthcare Sciences who manages a clinical subject in the BP.

Workplace Learning Lead

The Workplace Learning lead for paramedicine is the person that the Clinical Facilitator/Preceptor contacts for all issues relating to student performance when a student is on placement. This person may then actions issues of concern or delegate follow up to clinical subject coordinators or convenors.

Placement Champions

Identified professional staff put in place for a students during their placement to facilitate development of particular knowledge, skills or attitudes.


The online tool used to monitor and assess student’s progress whilst on placement.

Faculty of Science Workplace Learning Team (FOSH-WPL)

Professional, administrative staff who assist in the coordination of student clinical placements.