Before placements

This section is relevant to both Clinical Preceptors and Students

Students who are not verified will not attend a clinical placement. In the event that a student attends a placement and has not met all verification requirements, you must immediately contact their clinical subject coordinator or the WPL team. Should the student or facility have any questions or concerns regarding verification, they are to contact the WPL Team email or the WPL lead

Some facility managers may request to see the students’ original paperwork. The WPL professional team has access to:

  • verification paperwork
  • immunisation documentation including COVID documentation
  • current national police check
  • WWCC
  • FIT testing documentation.

The WPL Handbook for students

All students must read and refer to the WPL handbook for students before, during and after their clinical placement. If a student should ask where to locate information regarding subject requirements they should be directed to their subject I2 site in the first instance. Should they have further enquiries, they should then seek clarification from the clinical subject coordinator.

Pre-Placement Learning

The WPL experience accounts for one component of assessment of a clinical subject. The learning outcomes for the student are clearly provided in their Clinical Subject Outline. No student should be uncertain about their learning outcomes or objectives when they are placed for WPL.

As the clinical preceptor, you can ask the student to articulate what their learning outcomes for the clinical subject they are enrolled in are. All students have ready access to their clinical subject outline and online learning tool; Comptracker.

Responsibilities of Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt has a range of responsibilities in relation to supporting the WPL of students. As a Clinical Preceptor, you are welcome to familiarise yourself with these aspects of WPL to ensure you have a good understanding of what is required. Below are links to this information:

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact both Charles Sturt and your employer to discuss further.

Student placement allocations and rosters

As a Clinical Preceptor, you may like to have an awareness of how placement allocations occur at Charles Sturt.

  • Students receive notification from the WPL Team (via Inplace) of the location, dates and roster of their allocated clinical placement. This information is emailed in advance to students so that they have time to organise travel, accommodation and or WPL scholarships.
  • Depending on the placement provider, students are assigned to morning, afternoon or evening shifts. As these shifts are organised by the provider, they cannot be changed. Charles Sturt staff do not allocate rosters and cannot change them.
  • Students placement is multi-factorial in nature and each individual placement is carefully considered by the tea. The paramedicine program places more than 750 student annually. Students are advised at the beginning of the program that they should expect to travel for placement given the limited capacity and diverse range of placement providers.

Further information regarding orientation activities for your students can be found on the NSW Government HETI website, Clinical Supervision Resources.