Placement process

At Charles Sturt University, all clinical placements are overseen by experienced academic staff.

The WPL professional team supports academic staff and placement through the administration of placements. It is the Clinical Subject Coordinator’s responsibility to provide academic advice to students.

Students may be allocated a placement in the following settings:

  • Primary healthcare settings in rural and remote locations (e.g. general practices, community managed organisations, step-up/step down facilities).
  • Secondary healthcare settings (e.g. rural hospitals, medical or surgical wards in larger urban areas, community health centres, mental health facilities, aged care facilities, palliative care facilities).
  • Tertiary healthcare settings (e.g. rural referral hospitals, forensic facilities, dual disability services, paediatric units).

Charles Sturt is a regional university but aims to provide placements located in metropolitan, regional and rural locations to ensure students have a well-rounded learning experience whilst engaged in WPL activities and so that they may better understand the healthcare system as a whole upon graduation.