Current Projects

Project TitlePrimary InvestigatorCo-InvestigatorsFunding BodyAmount
A new taxon of Antibiotic-Producing Enterobacteriaciae, GM1 (Saina Paul PhD Scholarship)DR Peter AndersonDr Timothy Kudinha, Dr Gregg MaynardNSW Health - PhD Scholarships Program$63,400
Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound and quality of life of cancer patientsASPROF Sokcheon PakDr Peter MicalosDaiwa Pharmaceutical Co/Ltd - Research Contract/ PhD project support$50,000
GNT1188175 - New insights into SOX-related diseases: challenging our understanding of the signalling mechanisms which mediate nuclear localisation of SOX family membersPROF Jade Forwood National Health & Medical Research Council - Project Grants$368,852
Diamond Doctoral Studentship Program 2020 Cohort (Emily Cross) - Nuclear cellular trafficking studies towards the understanding of human SOX family of transcription factorsPROF Jade Forwood Diamond Light Source - Research Scholarship mixed$116,440
Protein interactions involving rabies virus (CSIRO Post Graduate Scholarship Top Up for honours student: Camilla Donnelly)PROF Jade Forwood CSIRO - PG Scholarship - Mixed$51,000
The effects of rice bran arabinoxylan compound on gut microbiota in healthy volunteers and cancer patientsASPROF Sokcheon PakDr Peter MicalosBiomedica Neutraceuticals - Research Contract$28,410
Understanding novel viral host interactions that modulate innate immunityPROF Jade Forwood National Health & Medical Research Council - Ideas Grant$764,248
Understanding how the MERS coronavirus protein ORF4b interactions with importin alpha modulate innate immunityPROF Jade Forwood National Institute of Health (USA) - Research Grant with CSU as Collaborator$188,682
Continuing professional development in higher educationASPROF Abishek Bommannan Santhakumar Aust Institute of Medical Scientists - CLINICAL OR RSCH LAB GRANT - excludes assets and major equipment$4,545.45
PDL1 CrystallisationPROF Jade Forwood Queensland Institute for Medical Research - Research Contract$20,000
SETDB1 and Importin Recombinant Proteins and Crystal StructurePROF Jade Forwood Queensland Institute for Medical Research - Research Contract$20,000
Novel approaches to One health surveillance systems for the identification of known and potential pathogens of humans and animals (Scholarship - Nayomi Danthanarayana)PROF Jade ForwoodDr Justin Roby, Prof Marta Hernandez-Jover, Dr Brian McSharryCSIRO - Research Collaboration - CSU lead$30,000
THRIVE - Training Hub promoting Regional Industry and Innovation in Virology and Epidemiology: Boosting Australia’s Agriculture and ManufacturingPROF Jade ForwoodDr Justin Roby, Dr Brian McSharry $3,998,721
Development of an online learning module to enhance medical laboratory science undergraduate students’ professional connectedness and identityASPROF Abishek Bommannan SanthakumarDr Louise Pemberton, AsProf John Rae, George JohnAustralian Institute of Medical Scientists - Education or Leadership & Management Research Grant$4,518
Mechanisms of Rift Valley Fever Pathogenesis (CSIRO scholarship PhD student: Jennifer Hawker)PROF Jade ForwoodJennifer Hawker ( HDR Student)CSIRO - PG Scholarship - Stipend top-up$30,000
SCATES: Securing Critical Agriculture Technology and Emerging SolutionsPROF Zahid  IslamPROF Christopher Blanchard $375,000
Synthesis of data to optimise yield potential of barley in Australian farming systemsDR Felicity HarrisPROF Christopher Blanchard $650,764
The management of urinary tract infections by community pharmacistsASPROF John RaeSarah Dineen-Griffin ( external Inv)NSW Ministy for Health - EOI - Funding Grant - Clinical Trial - CSU not the lead$20,000
WellBe Wellbeing Module project 2022-2023 Phase 1 & 2 (Austswim)DR Rachael Jefferson-BuchananMRS Clare Singh $45,000
The evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of tendinopathy - a prospective case series.DR James WickhamAssoc Prof Julien Freitag (external Inv), Kiran Shah (external Inv)Melbourne Stem Cell Centre - Contract Research - CSU Lead$5,000
Measuring the effects on wheat grain protein and dough characteristics following legumesPROF Christopher Blanchard

Assoc Prof Abishek SanthakumarDR Randy Adjonu