Our students

Honours projects

Project Title Honours Student Primary Supervisor/Co-Supervisor
Structural characterisation of the nuclear localisation signal of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) non-structural protein 5 Brooke Walker Prof Jade Forwood and Dr Crystall Swarbrick
Investigation of the characteristics of states in a Quantum NFW Potential Isaac Lobo Dr Matthew Collins and Dr Allan Ernest
Nuclear import of immediate early proteins in Herpesvirus infection Sophie Wacher Dr Brian McSharryProf Jade ForwoodDr Martin Pal and Dr Crystall Swarbrick
Investigation of two newly emerged henipaviruses: comparing how the Langya virus and Angavokely virus matrix proteins interact with host cell nuclear import molecules Emily Wagon Prof Jade Forwood, Dr Gayle Petersen and Mrs Camilla Donnelly
The functional significance of NLScentral in the subcellular localisation of Dengue Virus Non-Structural Protein 5 (DENV NS5) Daniel Arnold Prof Jade ForwoodDr Brian McSharry, Dr Martin Pal, Prof Subhash Vasudevan
Structural and functional characterisation of KAT6A nuclear import defining a new binding mechanism Paige Taylor Prof Jade Forwood, Dr Sofiya TsimbalyukDr Brian McSharry and Dr Martin Pal
Characterisation of clinical periodontal disease using phase-contrast microscopy and Nanopore 16S rDNA analysis Chia-Wen Yeh Dr Peter Anderson and A/Prof Alexandra Jones