Requirements for the Doctor of Medicine

The Charles Sturt University School of Rural Medicine (SRM) strongly supports the right of all people to pursue a medical course at the SRM to achieve their potential and career objectives. Medicine is a physically and mentally challenging profession where practitioners are often required to put the interest of their patients over their own. This results in the need to commit to a lifetime of service with dedication to continuous learning.

To support potential and current students' decision making a series of inherent requirement statements have been developed. If you are intending to enrol in the medical course at the School of Rural Medicine you should look at these inherent requirement statements and think about whether you may experience challenges in meeting these requirements.

The School is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, clinical practice and other activities to address the impact of students' disabilities so that they are able to participate in their course. If you think you may experience challenges related to your disability, chronic health condition or any other reason, you should discuss your concerns with a campus Disability Advisor or the SRM staff, such as the Course Director. These staff can work collaboratively with you to determine reasonable adjustments to assist you to meet the Inherent Requirements. In the case where it is determined that Inherent Requirements cannot be met with reasonable adjustments, the University staff can provide guidance regarding other study options.

Inherent Requirements for Medicine

Community Member Confirmation form for REAS

Students applying for the rural entry admissions scheme (REAS) will need to complete and submit a community member confirmation form as proof of rural residency. This must be submitted as part of your UAC application.

Rural Entry Admission Scheme (REAS) eligibility form