NSW Health Requirements

Students who need to complete clinical placements in the NSW public health system will be subject to NSW Health’s policies. Students are required to obtain and provide all necessary documentation to be verified by NSW ClinConnect during their first week of enrolment.  This verification is a requirement of the NSW Health Department for all students enrolled in medical programs. If you do not comply with the following requirements, you will not be permitted to attend your clinical placement in the NSW health system and progress in your course may be affected.

Documents that must be provided to ClinConnect are:

  1. Australian National Police Check
    1. Students must obtain a National Criminal Record Check before they commence clinical placements in NSW Health facilities.  Australian police checks must be obtained from an Australian State or Territory Police Force, the Australian Federal Police, or an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredited body only.
  2. Adult Health Immunisation Schedule
    1. Students who need to complete clinical training in NSW public health facilities are subject to NSW Health requirements for healthcare workers to demonstrate their protection against specified infectious diseases in the first year of their course. .  Page 2 of the Vaccination Record Card contains instructions to assist students with the vaccination records and/or serology information that must be provided.
  3. COVID Vaccination
    1. Students must provide evidence of full course of COVID-19 vaccination (and booster when eligible)
  4. Influenza Vaccination
    1. Students are strongly encouraged to have a flu vaccination each year. The influenza vaccine can be recorded on the Vaccination Record Card.
  5. Undertaking / Declaration Form - Attachment Form 6
    1. The declaration form declares the information provided to NSW Health by the student is correct, and agree to participate in the assessment, screening and vaccination process and that the requirements are understood.
  6. Tuberculosis (TB) Assessment Tool - Attachment Form 7
  7. Hepatitis B Declaration Form - Attachment Form 9
  8. Blood Borne Virus Student Declaration
    1. There are other restrictions on clinical practice of healthcare workers with certain blood-borne viruses. For more information, refer to Management of health care workers with a blood borne virus and those doing exposure prone procedures.
  9. NSW Health Code of Conduct Agreement for Students
    1. Students must sign a Code of Conduct Agreement stating that they will abide by the NSW Health Code of Conduct
  10. Working with Children Check
    1. In addition to the NSW Health requirements, Charles Sturt University requires a Working with Children Check (WWCC). This is a compulsory requirement.

To ensure you provide the correct documentation during your first week of enrolment in the Doctor of Medicine Course: visit NSW Health’s website or the Health Education and Training website: search for ‘clinical placements’.  Please note: Students who are allocated to interstate placements, private hospitals or other private organisations may also be required to complete site-specific requirements prior to commencing their placement.

There are also a number of mandatory training modules that must be completed prior to attending an NSW Health site via HETI My health Learning.  These include:

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks and Work Health and Safety
  • Patient Privacy
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Between the Flags - Tier 1 (Awareness Charts and Escalation)
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals
  • Infection Prevention and Control Practices
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Combined Transmission-Based Precautions

Information on how and when to complete these modules will be provided to enrolled students during their first weeks.

Doctor of Medicine Placement Compliance Requirements