Conditions of Membership

The following conditions of use must be adhered to at all times. By reading and signing the conditions you agree to abide by them. Failure to abide by the rules can result in the loss of membership and forfeiture of membership funds.

  1. This membership entitles you to access to the facilities for individual riding. It does not include attendance at organised events. Please check the Event Calendar for bookings prior to entering the Equine Centre.
  2. Your application will not be accepted without a copy of your insurance.
  3. A current safety approved helmet must be worn at all times when riding at the Equine Centre.
  4. All members must hold and maintain membership with Equestrian Australia or similar for the duration of the Equine Centre membership. Failure to renew this membership will void your membership with the Equine Centre.
  5. Membership charges can be paid via nominate.
  6. Proof of membership to the Equine Centre and must be kept on you at all times whilst at the Centre. If you are unable to produce your receipt of payment or screenshot when asked, you will be asked to leave immediately.
  7. Only Charles Sturt University Equine Centre members are permitted to ride at the Equine Centre. Anyone else found riding on the property will be asked to leave. Exceptions to this are in the instance of:
    • Paid casual hire of facilities by external users (must hold EA insurance).
    • Participation in events held at the facilities.
    • Participation in practical classes at Charles Sturt University.
  8. If you are in attendance with a rider who is not permitted on the grounds, your membership will be cancelled immediately. Spectators are allowed. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  9. Safe, fully-enclosed boots must be worn at the Equine Centre at all times including on arrival and departure. This includes persons visiting students/staff at the Equine Centre. Flat-soled riding boots must be worn when riding.
  10. Vehicles driving on Equine Centre grounds must proceed slowly. No vehicles are to be parked around the stable area. Floats must only be parked in the designated float parking area.
  11. Any problems or breakages of Equine Centre property must be reported immediately to staff.
  12. Riding in the indoor arena after hours is permissible, providing there is more than one person in attendance.
  13. The Equine Centre will be open between 8:00am and 8:00pm every day. NO student/staff is to be at the Equine Centre outside these times except in emergency, in which case students/staff must notify Charles Sturt University Security (6933 2288) of their presence.
  14. Horses are to be kept off the banks of the indoor arena. All horses must be kept on a lead at all times.
  15. Horses are not to be tied to gates or fences.
  16. All gates on the Equine Centre must be left as they are found.
  17. If the indoor arena lights are turned on, they must be turned off at the completion of use.
  18. No horse is to be placed in a yard or stable without express prior permission from Equine Centre staff. Stable and yard bookings can be made via Putting horses in stables or yards without paying will have your membership cancelled.
  19. Theft and vandalism are criminal offences and will be dealt with accordingly.
  20. Please be considerate of other people using the facilities.
  21. A security phone is located on the exterior wall of the classroom and at the Equine Centre Office. These phones automatically dial through to Charles Sturt University Security.
  22. In the case of an accident or near miss, an incident report form must be completed and returned to security with 24hrs. Incident report forms can be found in the amenities kitchen (building 114) and the conference room (building 129). Security must be called if an ambulance is required to ensure the ambulance finds the incident location, all security personnel are first aid trained and carry a defibrillator in their vehicle. Blue security phones are located at building 121 and 129, lift the handle or dial 1800931633 on your mobile phone.
  23. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst on Charles Sturt University Equine Centre premises.
  24. NO alcohol is to be brought onto the premises.
  25. NO dogs are allowed on the premises.
  26. All members must collect any waste left by their horses, including on arenas and place in manure waste areas provided.
  27. Please note that the Equine Centre is a large facility that is often used by outside equestrian groups. As such, there may be times when some facilities will not be available to those who are not participating in the proposed event. Please be respectful of those participating in the visiting event. Any issues arising should be brought to the attention of the Equine Centre Management staff.
  28. It is important to remember that all students are expected to act in a professional manner at all times at Charles Sturt University. This relates to personal presentation and safety, language/vocabulary, punctuality, attitude, animal welfare, respect and consideration for others.
  29. Any contractors attending to horses at the facility e.g. Farrier, vet etc must be approved by Charles Sturt University. You may contact the Equine Centre to find out which contractors have been approved. Emergency services are an exception.
  30. CSU reserve the right to cancel memberships for rule breaking, including  parking in the wrong areas and  leaving manure in arenas. no refund will be issued.
  31. Access to the Equine Centre is via starvation lane sliding gate.
  32. Please check the calendar prior to riding to check if your arena is available.
  33. Do not park in camping bays for day riding, these are strictly for the use of paid campers.

Please note as a teaching facility there may be times when mobs of horses are run down the lane system- please be aware of signage at all times.

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