Stabling and camping

Our stables and yards are available all year round. We have everything from deluxe stables to open top yards.


Our stables offer your horses the luxury they deserve. They are within very close walking distance to the amenities block, parking and all arenas.

Deluxe stables (Block C)

This block has 20 stables, each measuring 3.6x3.6m, with concrete flooring. This allows for easy cleaning and horses are dry at all times. The ventilation design system also allows a cool breeze in summer.

Within this block, we have 4 separate stallion stables, ensuring stallions have no contact with other horses and they can have a safe and stress-free stay while still maintaining a view of surrounds.

Open yards (B, D and E Blocks)

To complement our stables, we also have 60 state-of-the-art open yards, each measuring 3.6x3.6m. They include 3-rung rails made from 70mm galvanised tubular steel to keep your horse safe.

Covered yards (Block A)

This is designed as covered yards with 20 stables, each measuring 3.6x3.6m, with rubber on the floors and rubber sides.

This area is very popular in the hot Wagga summer, with the constant air flow, and the comfort of the shade from the roof above.


Our camping facilities are within a close vicinity to the stables and yards and offer:

  • 20 powered sites
  • 30 unpowered sites
  • showers
  • toilets
  • shade
  • water
  • night lighting
  • security patrolled.