Conditions of Use - Facilities

If you're using our shared facilities, you must abide by the these conditions of use.


  1. The Equine Centre is a large facility that is often used by outside equestrian groups. As such, there may be times when some facilities will not be available to those who are not participating in the proposed event. Please be respectful of those participating in the visiting event. Any issues arising should be brought to the attention of the Equine Centre Management through
  2. The Equine Centre is frequently visited by media and dignitaries. The grounds must be presented in a tidy manner and all persons using the facilities are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. This relates to personal presentation and safety, littering and general untidiness, language/vocabulary, punctuality, attitude, animal welfare, respect and consideration for others.
  3. You agree not to disclose any information including, but not limited to images (photographs or video), production information, graphs, management/husbandry and medication/treatment obtained whilst at the Equine Centre to any other persons, organisations or entities (except Charles Sturt staff) in any media format.

Insurance and risk

  1. The Hirer must provide the Equine Centre with a copy of their current certificate of insurance.
  2. Horses are large, unpredictable animals that have the potential to cause injury or death. The Equine Centre and all associated facilities are some of the most HIGH RISK areas at Charles Sturt University. Every care should be taken to minimise risks that might cause injury to people or horses.
  3. Risks include:
    • Being kicked
    • Being bitten
    • Being struck by a horse’s front leg
    • Being trodden on
    • Being pushed, pulled, bumped, or knocked over
    • Being knocked by a horse’s head
  4. You agree that you will not hold Charles Sturt and its officers, employees, agents and contractors liable for any injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to you or any other person, horse or equipment under your care during your use of the Equine Centre.
  5. You agree to indemnify, and keep indemnified, Charles Sturt to the extent permitted by law from and against any loss or damage suffered or incurred by Charles Sturt arising from or in connection with your use of the Equine Centre.


  1. Safe, fully enclosed boots (which cover ankles) must be worn at the Equine Centre at all times including on arrival and departure.
  2. Persons riding horses must at all times wear smooth-soled riding boots and wear a current Australian Safety Standard Approved riding helmet.
  3. All persons riding on public roads in the area surrounding Charles Sturt must wear a fluorescent safety vest, so that they are clearly visible to drivers.
  4. Vehicles driving on Equine Centre grounds must proceed slowly (speed limit of 10). No vehicles are to be parked around the stable area. Floats must only be parked in the designated float parking area.
  5. All gates at the Charles Sturt Equine Centre are to be kept left as they were found.
  6. Horses are to be kept off the banks of the indoor arena. All horses must be kept on a lead at all times. Horses are not to be tied to gates or fences.


  1. A security phone is located on the exterior wall of the classroom and at the Equine Centre Office. These phones automatically dial through to Charles Sturt Security.
  2. In the case of an accident or near miss an incident report form must be completed and returned to security with 24hrs. Incident report forms can be found in the amenities kitchen (building 114) and the conference room (building 129). Charles Sturt Security must be called if an ambulance is required to ensure the ambulance finds incident location. All security personnel are first aid trained and carry a defibrillator in their vehicle. Blue security phones are located at building 121 and 129, lift the handle or dial 1800931633 on your mobile phone.
  3. In case of emergency evacuation, all persons must assemble in the car park area between the VCC and the indoor arena to await further instructions.

Use of amenities, equipment, and premises

  1. Temporary yards may not be erected on any part of the Equine Centre without the express approval of the Equine Centre staff.
  2. If the indoor arena lights are turned on, they must be turned off at the completion of use. Once turned off, the lights must be allowed to fully cool down before being turned back on (allow at least 30 minutes).
  3. Horses are NOT allowed on the banks of the indoor arena.
  4. No horse is to be placed in a yard or stable without express prior permission from Equine Centre staff. Stable and yard bookings can be made via Stables must be left cleaned out.
  5. All signage must be followed including arena etiquette and conditions of use.
  6. Any problems or breakages of Equine Centre property must be reported immediately to Equine Centre staff.
  7. If jumping equipment is used in the indoor arena it must be removed from the arena and returned to the storage area immediately after use. For safety reasons, jump wings must not be left along the inside walls of the riding area. Jumps and other equipment may be left set up in the outdoor arena.
  8. Any damages caused by the Hirer must be reported immediately to the Equine Centre Manager. The cost of any repairs will be invoiced to the Hirer.
  9. All areas used must be left in a clean and tidy state. If the areas are left in an untidy state, the Hirer will be charged a cleaning fee of $100 per area.
  10. Manure, hay and rubbish must be picked up from all areas, including arenas. Manure and hay is to be placed on the designated muck heap. Wheelbarrows must be emptied after every use and returned, along with brooms and rakes, to the ends of the stable blocks.

Visitors and family

  1. Spectating visitors are permitted. You are responsible for the attire and behaviour of your visitors.
  2. Your family and friends are only permitted to handle or ride horses at the facilities if prior arrangements have been made through the Equine Centre and proof of Equestrian Australia membership is provided, as also required by members of the public.
  3. If you are in attendance with a rider who is not permitted on the grounds your hire booking will be cancelled immediately.
  4. Children under the age of 16 must be fully supervised by an adult at all times.
  5. No pets (excluding dogs on a leash or accompanying people with disabilities) and NO alcohol are to be brought onto the Equine Centre.
  6. Any contractors attending to horses at the facility such as a Farrier, vet etc. must be approved by the Equine Centre office. You may contact the Equine Centre to find out which contractors have been approved. Emergency services are an exception.

Prohibition of professional services

  1. No hirer using the Equine Centre may give or receive riding instruction or offer professional coaching services to others without the prior approval of the Equine Centre office. A hire booking supported by evidence of public liability insurance in the amount of $20m must be made through the Equine Centre office.
  2. No hirer using the Equine Centre may provide professional services to others (e.g. horse health advice) or undertake any other commercial activity at the Equine Centre without the prior approval of the Charles Sturt Equine Centre office.


  1. Failure to comply with these Condition of Use or any directions of Equine Centre staff will result in one verbal warning.
  2. Second offence will result in one official written warning. Continued non-compliance will result in exclusion from the Centre. Hire fees will not be refunded.
  3. Incidents of grave misconduct will warrant immediate expulsion from the Equine Centre Facility premises. Hire fees will not be refunded.