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Conditions of Use

Please email your completed Booking Form to 


  • A bond of 50% of the event is required and the booking will not be confirmed until received. CSU will invoice you for the bond. Please send a copy of your receipt to The bond is to ensure that the grounds and amenities are handed back to us in the same condition as they were hired. 
  • There are wheelbarrows provided. It is your responsibility to ensure they are not missing or damaged, otherwise the hirer will be liable for the replacement of the wheelbarrows.
  • If an event is cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled event time 50% of the event will be charged. If an event is cancelled out of the 48 hours period of scheduled event time, 25% will be charged.

Ground Service Fee

  • This is a facility fee charged to all riders participating in an event and covers use of amenities, parking and water. Everyone must the pay $15. Hirers must supply a list of competitors and number of horses prior to the event to the CSU Equine Centre office administrator ( 
  •  After the event the hirer must confirm the number of the riders back to the office administrator within 3 days of the event. The ground service fee will be added to the final invoice.

Conduct and Cleanliness

  • During the hire period, the Hirer is responsible for the good conduct of its members and patrons. Any damages caused by the Hirer's members or patrons must be reported immediately to the Equine Centre Manager. The cost of any repairs will be invoiced to the Hirer.
  • All areas used must be left in a clean and tidy state. If the areas are left in an untidy state, the Hirer will be charged a cleaning fee of $100 per area. Areas are:
    - Stables – 101-120
    - Stables – 210-224
    - Yards – 200-207
    - Indoor/Warmup Arena
    - Competition Arenas
    - Sand Arena
    - Camping Area
    - Amenities Block (Bld 114)
    - Conference/Kitchen (Bld 129)
    - Spectator Parking
  • Participants must provide their own rakes and shovels. All manure and hay must be picked up from all areas, manure and hay must be placed on the designated muck heap. Wheelbarrows must be emptied after every use and returned, along with brooms and rakes, to the ends of the stable blocks.
  • Stables must be left cleaned out.
  • Stable bookings must be made through Nominate at the following website:

Insurance and safety

  • The organisation/individual responsible for the conduct of the activity must provide the Equine Centre with a copy of their current certificate of public liability insurance, with a minimum cover of $20,000,000 for any one occurrence.
  • The Equine Centre shall not be liable for the safety of any goods or equipment, or the loss of or damage to such goods and equipment during the period of use or stored at the Equine Centre throughout the year.
  • Current Australian Safety Standards Approved safety helmets must be worn at all times whilst riding, unless specifically approved otherwise by the Equine Centre Manager or his delegate at their absolute discretion, according to the Hirer's insurance policy.
  • All persons handling horses must wear boots of solid construction.
  • Dogs must be restrained on a leash at all times.
  • All gates on the Equine Centre must be left as they are found.
  • Vehicles must proceed slowly in any area of the Equine Centre, the speed limit is 10km/hr.
  • Horses MUST NOT be tied to the sliding stable doors or arena walls. Stallions must not be tied up unattended at any time. Stallions must be adequately identified at all times.
  • In the event of vehicles being bogged and requiring pulling out the following charges will apply:
    - Weekdays: Staff $35/hour
    - Saturday: Staff Callout minimum 3 hour @ $35 x 1.5 times = $157.50
    - Sunday: Staff Callout minimum 3 hour @ $35 x 2 times = $210
    - Tractor Cost: $100/hour
    - Large Farm tractor from farm $600/3 hours CSU will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles. Contact: Mick Gentle: 0417 248 277

Use of the Equine Centre

  • Temporary yards may not be erected on any part of the Equine Centre without the express approval of the Equine Centre Manager or his delegate.
  • If the indoor arena lights are turned on by a Hirer, they must be turned off at the completion of the event. Once turned off, the lights must be allowed to fully cool down before being turned back on (allow at least 30 minutes).
  • Horses must NOT be allowed on the banks of the indoor arena.
  • No horse is to be placed in a yard or stable without express prior permission from the Equine Centre Manager or his delegate.
  • Sale of alcohol is prohibited at the Equine Centre, unless express permission is granted by Charles Sturt University.
  • Sale of food must be carried out in accordance with NSW Food Authority guidelines


Charles Sturt University will send a taxation invoice to the user for the bond on receipt of the form and at completion of the event. Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or direct deposit. Cash will not be accepted.

The period of use is defined as the actual days of activity. Arrangements can be made with the Equine Centre Manager regarding appropriate times to set up and dismantle any equipment used by the Hirer without increasing the period of charged hire. If this equipment prevents use of the facility by resident users for a significant period of time, an additional hire fee will be charged for that time period.


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