Medical Science and Pathology

Phillip Taderera Bwititi

BSc (Honours) Biological Sciences CNAA (Wolverhampton, UK), FIBMS (IBMS, UK), DMLM (IBMS, UK), DOMLTC, UK PhD (Zimbabwe)

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
Wagga Wagga
Building 288 Room 243

Dr Bwititi graduated with an Honour’s in Biological Sciences at the now Wolverhampton University, England. After briefly working as a Medical Scientist in Zimbabwe, he studied for Fellowship in Clinical Biochemistry and for the Diploma in Medical Laboratory Management with the now Institute of Biomedical Scientist (UK). As part of the Fellowship training, he was attached to the Department of Chemical Pathology at Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith for 2 years. After another brief period working in Zimbabwe, Phillip studied for the Overseas Diploma in Medical Laboratory Tutors Course for 9 months and during this he was attached to the Department of Chemical pathology at Royal Free Hospital, Hamstead, London. He then did his PhD at the now College of Health Sciences at University of Zimbabwe where he also taught to various courses in health sciences. Dr Bwititi is a member Australian Institute of Medical and Clinical Scientists and Australasian Association Clinical Biochemists.

Dr Bwititi has over 25 years of teaching experience in culturally and linguistically diverse environments to various courses in health sciences to undergraduate and postgraduates (master’s courses). He joined CSU, from the College of Health Sciences at University of Zimbabwe and his teaching and subject administration include biochemistry, physiology, clinical biochemistry, medical laboratory management, disease processes, integrated medical laboratory sciences. He is well versed in teaching internal and online students using various online platforms. Phillip has chaired committees including the External Advisory Committee for the Medical laboratory Science course and the Medical Laboratory Curriculum Committee and currently chairs the Faculty of Science Student Experience Committee. He was part of the team that transitioned the medical laboratory science course from the session to micro-session mode at CSU. Most health science courses are accredited or registered with professional organizations, Dr Bwititi understands the importance of registration and accreditation as well as the processes involved. Health sciences involve technical and clinical aspects to this end Dr Bwititi has contributed chapter on fluorescence in a technical book and metabolic syndrome in the clinical book.

Dr Bwititi is passionate about lifestyle modification regarding preventing of diseases and mitigation for development of diseases. To this end, he has over 80 publications and his research is centered on public health to prevent or slow down development of non-communicable diseases such as cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes mellitus and its complications. Lifestyle modifications inclusive of dietary modification and daily activities are affordable in low and middle-income communities. To achieve this, communities need to be aware and be educated on the benefits of good lifestyle. Dr Bwititi has supervised several students in master’s, PhD and, Professional Doctorate courses full-time and part-time. He coordinates research subjects in the master’s by coursework program and has chaired the Faculty of Science Minimum Risk Ethics Committee. He collaborates in research with Australian colleagues and internationally.

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