Medical Science and Pathology

George John

B.Pharm. (India)., M. Pharm. Prac. (South Africa)., Grad. Cert. in Pharmacoeconomics (South Africa)., Grad. Cert. in Disease Management (South Africa)., Grad. Cert. Univ. Learn. & Teaching (Australia)., Grad. Cert. Univ. Leadership & Mgmt. (Australia)

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Wagga Wagga
Building 288 Room 246

George has a broad experience of more than 25 years in Africa, Asia & Australia, teaching Pharmacy and Medical Science graduates. George is well regarded by his students and has been awarded many accolades by the students' body for his commitment and passion for developing students.

From an Academic Governance perspective, George currently serves on the Academic Senate and across various Faculty Boards. He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

From a research and scholarly practice perspective, George has taught & supervised students at an undergraduate & postgraduate level. He is involved in editorial boards and has published in scientific peer-reviewed journals and proceedings. George has secured competitive research grants in teams. His interests are in enhancing and engaging curriculum delivery and student experience. He is also interested in Drug utilisation evaluation and also managerial process improvements in institutional settings.

From a community engagement perspective, George has served as the working party Member of NSW Ministry of Health Workforce Planning & Development task force on "Pharmacy Professionals workforce plan 2012-2022".

George currently serves on the Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) Board Committee for Health Care Safety and Quality, constituted under provisions of the Ministry of Health By-Laws to assist the MLHD Board to carry out its responsibility of ensuring that the health service provides high-quality consumer care and delivers consumer safety and consumer satisfaction. This Committee provides oversight, and assesses key clinical governance and organisational processes, outcomes, internal and external reports, and makes recommendations to the Board.


George's philosophy in regards to teaching is summed up in the following Chinese proverb;

If you are planning for a year grow rice;
If you are planning for 20 years grow trees;
If you are planning for centuries, grow people.

George has been nominated for multiple teaching awards from a Faculty to Vice Chancellor's level. He has been actively involved in the Faculty Course Committee and School Learning & Teaching Committees. He was the Chair for the 2020 Faculty of Science Learning & Teaching Forum that delivered a high-quality L & T forum for the Faculty of Science Academics.

He is known as a First-Year Specialist and convenes the largest transition subject of the Faculty of Science and Health at CSU ( Australia's leading regional university and the leader in online education and student experience). As attrition is higher in the first year and impacts overall course completion, George has brought significant leadership by developing a strong team culture where staff are encouraged to understand their student cohort, thus ensuring a positive student experience in the first year and ultimately minimising overall student attrition.

George's current research interests are;

  1. From a pedagogical perspective, enhancement of student engagement in learning.
  2. From a clinical perspective, on Food and Nutrition and their roles in Disease Prevention.
  3. From a managerial perspective, improving operational efficiencies in a clinical setting enhances safety and quality of care.

Research Higher Degree Supervisor (2006-2020)

  1. Supervisor- Exploring the best detection method to introduce a clinical assay into a centralised laboratory to detect and confirm the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). 2020 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia
  2. Supervisor- How do restructures affect smaller workforces in the Health Care System? 2019 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  3. Supervisor-Association of inadequate dietary intake habit with Iron deficiency/ Iron deficiency anaemia in Australian adults. 2018 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  4. Supervisor- Laboratory Specimen Reception Optimisation using Lean Techniques to Identify and Reduce Wastes. 2018 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  5. Supervisor- Correlation between long term Clozapine use and development of Leukaemia 2017 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  6. Supervisor- Patient Blood Management: Evaluation of the efficacy of a pre-operative group-and-screen policy for patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery in metropolitan teaching. 2016 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  7. Supervisor- Implementation of Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule (MSBOS) - the first step towards Patient Based Management (PBM). 2015 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  8. Co-Supervisor-Olive biophenols as antibiotic boosters: In vitro interaction of olive leaf biophenols with ampicillin. 2014. (Hons. Bachelor of Health Science) (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  9. Supervisor- "Home Ventilation: Developing a risk profile through a retrospective review using the WHO's International Patient Safety Event Classification". A Canadian perspective. 2013 (Masters in Medical Science)-study completed, CSU, Australia.
  10. Supervisor- "Knowledge of transfusion medicines in regional hospitals". 2013 (Masters in Medical Science), (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  11. Supervisor- "Prevalence of respiratory syncytial virus in small children in Mauritius and its impact on seasonality changes". A retrospective study. 2013 (Masters in Medical Science( (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  12. Supervisor- "Pharmacy & e-technology in Australia". 2012 (Masters in Health Science), CSU, Australia.
  13. Co-supervisor- "Risk management in the Pharmacy industry of Australia". 2011 (PhD study completed), CSU, Australia.
  14. Supervisor- "Prevalence of Syphilis in Tasmania. A 30-year retrospective study". 2010 (Masters in Medical Science) (Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  15. Supervisor- "Antibiotic resistance in a Hong Kong Teaching hospital". 2010 (Masters in Medical Science) ( Study completed), CSU, Australia.
  16. Supervisor- "Implementation of a Global Trigger tool in adverse effect reporting in a Canadian Teaching hospital". 2009 (Masters in Medical Science) ( Study completed), Ontario, Canada.
  17. Supervisor- "Medicine usage patterns of Ritalin in ADHD patients in the private health sector". 2009 (Masters in Pharmacy Practice) Medical Science (Study completed), Potchefstroom, South Africa.
  18. Co-Supervisor- "Clinical trials on Absorbtax® in a South African context". 2009 (Study discontinued due to clinical trial results being deemed sensitive market information by the company), Potchefstroom, South Africa.
  19. Co-Supervisor- "Medicine usage patterns of ARV's in the private health sector in South Africa". 2009 (Masters in Pharmacy Practice) (Study completed), Potchefstroom, South Africa.
  20. Supervisor- "Medicine usage patterns on a hospital-level in the North-West province: A therapeutic budget approach". 2008 (Masters in Pharmacy Practice) (Study completed), (Cum Laude), Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Research grants secured

  1. Funding from UImagine for a project in 2015 (AU $19,500.00) on evaluating educational technologies.
  2. Funding from The Pharmacy Foundation for Hons project in 2014 (AU $12,000.00) antibiotic resistance.
  3. Funding from Education for Practice Institute, Australia for practice-based education in pharmacy curriculum in 2011 (AU $10,000.00).
  4. CSU Faculty of Science grant for AU $ 1200.000 in 2010.
  5. National Research Foundation (NRF) South Africa funds for Medicine usage patterns in public hospitals. AU $ 25,000.00 equivalent in 2009.
  6. National Research Foundation (NRF) South Africa funds for Medicine usage patterns in public hospitals  AU $ 7500.000 equivalent in 2008.
  7. North-west University South Africa institutional funding to supplement NFR project funds for Medicine usage patterns in public hospitals AU $ 5000.000 equivalent in 2008.
  8. North-West University, South Africa for various research projects from 2007-2009 AU $ 9000.000 equivalent [cumulative from 2001-2009].
  9. Funding from National Research Fund (NRF) Thutuka programme for funding student support for those enrolled in my project in a Masters program from 2007-2009 = AU $ 44,000.00 equivalent.

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