Medical Radiation Sciences

Mr Yazan Al-Hayek

BMedImag, MMedPhy, MMedRadSc (ComTom), PhDCand MedRadSc (ComTom)

Associate Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography
Wagga Wagga
Building 30 Room 245

Yazan has professional and academic expertise spans a period of 15 years in the area of Medical Radiation Sciences. He started his professional career as a Medical Radiation Practitioner in 2007 in several healthcare facilities and he was entrusted with leading universities in the discipline here in Australia and overseas serving as a clinical placement supervisor and part-time face-to-face lecturer for undergraduate programs. Yazan’s field of expertise is in Medical Radiation Sciences-Computed Tomography (CT) specialisation.

He accomplished his first Master’s Degree in Medical Physics at Jordan University in 2012, and another Master’s Degree in CT at CSU, Australia with honors grade to enhance his academic knowledge and professional skillsets. In June 2019, he was awarded a prestigious scholarship to commence a Ph.D. in CT at CSU and he has published most of his research work in highly influential journals and attracted many scientific acknowledgments and readership.

Yazan is a highly motivated and innovative academic and researcher with a skillset that successfully strives to achieve improved medical radiation practice by deploying modern technologies.

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Yazan Teaches a wide range of areas including Computed Tomography, Fluoroscopic and Vascular Radiography, General and Advanced Radiography Practice, Radiographic Surface Anatomy, Radiologic Pathology, Radiation Biology, and Scientific Research Methods.

Yazan has eight years of teaching, lecturing with CSU since November 2021, and research experience. He has more than 11 years in the healthcare profession as a medical radiation practitioner.

The impact of patient size, localizer direction, off-centring positioning, and tube voltage on Hounsfield Unit (HU)

accuracy and radiation dose during CT examinations. The application of cutting-edge instrumentation and methodologies in his research will generate useful data and devise a correction scheme for the Hounsfield Unit. This ground breaking research niche would greatly help in optimising CT system operation to improve diagnostic efficiency and reduce patient radiation dose.

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