Medical Radiation Sciences

Yazan Al-Hayek

PhD Candidate in Medical Radiation Science (Computed Tomography), Master of Medical Radiation Science - Computed Tomography, Masters in Medical Physics, Bachelor of Radiologic Technology

Associate Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography
Wagga Wagga
Building 30 Room 245

YAZAN AL_HAYEK commenced work as an Associate Lecturer in Medical Radiation Science – Diagnostic Radiography in 2021 at Wagga Wagga campus. YAZAN graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan) with a Bachelor of Radiologic Technology in 2007. He has over 11 years of practical expertise and more than four years of experience teaching theoretical and practical Diagnostic Radiography overseas (Jordan). Throughout 2013 – 2014, YAZAN supervised undergraduate students in the Medical Imaging program in their clinical placement, before he was appointed as a part-time lecturer in the Department of Medical Imaging at The Hashemite University in Jordan (2015 - 2016). In 2017, YAZAN enrolled at Charles Sturt University (CSU) to study for a Master’s Degree in Medical Radiation Science (Computed Tomography Specialisation), which he completed in 2018, with Honours. In June 2019, YAZAN commenced his PhD candidature in Computed Tomography at CSU.

  • MRS371 - Radiographic Techniques 2
  • MRS375 - Radiographic Techniques 3
  • MRS598 - Advanced Principles in Computed Tomography
  • MRS204 - Sectional Anatomy
Research interests in the area of Computed Tomography include:
  • CT number accuracy and reliability
  • Radiation dose optimisation
  • Automatic patient positioning
  • Image quality
  • General medical physics
  • Member of the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT)
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  3. Yazan Al-Hayek, Kelly Spuur, Rob Davidson, Christopher Hayre, Xiaoming Zheng. The impact of vertical off-centring, tube voltage and phantom size on CT numbers: An experimental study. ASMIRT-NZIMRT Re-Vision 2021 conference.
  4. Yazan Al-Hayek, Xiaoming Zheng, Rob Davidson, Christopher Hayre, Dana Almousa, Campbell Finlay, Kelly Spuur. 2021. '0º vs. 180º CT Localizer: An Experimental Study on Dose Optimisation According to Positioning in Computed Tomography', Journal of Medical Radiation Science.
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