Medical Radiation Sciences

Dr Dana Al Mousa

BSc (RT), MSc (Med Imag), PhD (MedRadSc)

Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography
Wagga Wagga
Building 30 Room 257

Dr. Dana Al Mousa graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology, BSc in Radiologic Technology. In 2008, Dr. Al Mousa completed her Master Degree in Medical Imaging with distinction from the University of Leeds, UK. Then she moved to Australia to complete her PhD degree in Medical Radiation Sciences and Medical Imaging from the University of Sydney in 2015. Dr. Dana has worked as an Associated Professor in the Department of Allied Medical Sciences at Jordan University of Science and Technology before joining us at Charles Sturt University.

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Dana has a broad range of teaching experience across the curriculum of diagnostic radiography. She believes in allowing students to create knowledge and encouraging deep learning. She ensures that students are interested in what they are learning and develop creative and critical problem-solving skills. Her current teaching focus is anatomy, breast imaging and non-ionising imaging techniques within the undergraduate and master’s medical radiation science courses.

Dr. Dana’s research interests include medical Images optimisation and perception in Medical Imaging, Receiver Operating Characteristic analysis of performance, radiologists' visual search patterns and radiologists' performance in Medical Imaging, optimisation of image quality and software copy display, breast cancer imaging, breast density assessment and optimisation of breast cancer detection.

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