Greggory Maynard


Dr Gregg Maynard

BPharm (hons) PhD GCLTHE

Lecturer in Pharmacology
Building 1001 Room A88

Gregg completed his Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney in 1995, with a major in experimental pharmacology. He completed his intern year at St George hospital, Kogarah and registered as a pharmacist. He then completed an Honours project at Sydney University studying cytoskeletal protein rearrangements in leukaemia cells. Attaining first class honours, he started work towards a PhD with his thesis focusing on the development of polyclonal antibodies against a purinergic receptor, P2Y11, which was completed in 2008. He then accepted a 12 month position as an Associate Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at Sydney University. After this period he continued his employment as a casual academic in many pharmaceutical and biochemistry related disciplines with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the School of Molecular Biosciences. In August 2010, he joined the team at CSU in Orange lecturing in pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacy practice to pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, nursing & paramedic students. Although he was transitioned to a teaching focused he has been involved in the Australian group working on core concepts in pharmacology and explored parameters influencing the difficulty of clinical cases used in pharmacy assessment.

Gregg’s main teaching area revolves around pharmacodynamics, he has expanded that area to include pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacy practice. Although trained as a pharmacist he works closely with other practitioners to develop material to suit other health professionals in dentistry and medicine and in the past paramedicine and nursing.

Although teaching focused, Gregg has continued to be involved in collaborative projects in the field of the scholarship of teaching. These include determining factors that influence clinical case difficulty which many health professional degrees use for assessment purposes. As many cases are used and not all students are assessed with the same case set, it is important to ensure that each set of cases is equivalent in difficulty to ensure fairness. The other collaboration he has been involved in unpacked core concepts in pharmacology to guide foundational teaching practices in pharmacology.