Biomedical Sciences

Adam Brett

Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 319


Adam has been with the school of community health since 2001, first as a laboratory assistant and then as a lecturer. He has an Exercise Science degree from Wollongong University where he also worked as a lab assistant, lab demonstrator and casual lecturer.

Adam began teaching at CSU by lecturing in anatomy but was hoodwinked by physiologists who explained to him how much fun it would be to teach physiology and pharmacology instead. He eventually escaped and is now back teaching anatomy where he belongs and won’t listen to them next time.

Adam is currently completing a masters degree in education and loves to try and think up ways to make teaching and learning more fun. If you can think of any let him know. Don’t let him get talking about it though or you’ll never get away.

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