Natalia Bilton

Anatomy and Physiology

Dr Natalia Bilton

BSci (Psych)H, Dr Philosophy, GCLTHE, SFHEA

Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology
Port Macquarie
Building 801 Room 3016

Dr Bilton created a new and alternative pedagogy (and associated learning activities) for the teaching of anatomy and physiology to first year students. This pedagogy was developed in collaboration with Dr Tyson Yunkaporta creator of the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Ways of Learning. Dr Bilton is a leader in learning and teaching (L&T), experienced in delivering a large multi-mode cross-campus subjects, recipient of multiple teaching awards, and respected mentor for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Dr Bilton has delivered many L&T presentations both internally and externally. She has also led the Indigenous Science Education Program at the Port Macquarie campus for three years and participated in committees and working groups to enable the implementation of Indigenous Australian Content in courses and increase the quality of cross-campus teaching at Charles Sturt University.

Dr Bilton teaches first year anatomy and physiology to nursing and paramedic students. She specializes in making complex anatomical structures and physiological concepts as simple as possible for deep student understanding. She does this by teaching using alternatives to the traditional lecture presentations that cater for diverse learning styles and students with non-traditional education backgrounds.

Dr Bilton is a teaching-focused staff member but nevertheless contributes to the field in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching whenever possible. She also mentors others who wish to publish in education and or develop their pedagogical understandings.

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