Catherine Lockley

Anatomy and Physiology

Catherine R Lockley

M.Sci-com, BSc (Food & Nutrition)

Associate Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology
Building 1448 Room 221

Catherine graduated from Charles Sturt University with a BSc in Food and Nutrition before going on to gain her Masters in Science Communication with the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University.

Her interest in Science Communication and nutrition has resulted in the publication of research articles in Journals such as The Journal of Science Communication, Locale: The Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies and conference presentations for the Australian Science Communicators and The Symposium of Australian Gastronomy. She also publishes in public communication fields such as Australasian Science, Stories in Science, LinkedIn, and on social media as Scrumptious Science and The Sci-ren.

In 2020 she commenced a teaching position in the School of Biomedical Sciences with Charles Sturt University teaching Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, Nutritional Physiology and Science Communication & Methodology.


Catherine teaches across undergraduate years in anatomy & physiology. Science communication, nutrition and pathophysiology.

The influence of hedonic narrative on orexigenic hormones, the intersections of Nutrition and Gastronomy, Arts as communication enhancers in Science Education.

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