Anatomy and Physiology

Mr Adam Brett

B Ex. Sci, M Ed

Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 319

Adam is a teaching focussed academic working in the biomedical sciences with the School of Dentistry and Medical Sciences. Adam is part of a multi-campus team that teaches anatomy to allied health students and is based on the Albury Campus.

Adam has been teaching anatomy and physiology for the last 22 years and still loves teaching. Adam enjoys helping students learn about the human body using a variety of techniques such as body painting, drawing, plasticine and wire modelling and seemingly endless quizzes that mostly seem to work. Sadly, he does think he’s funny but on the plus side he goes away after a while. Adam has taught the anatomy and physiology of every system and region of the human body at one time or other, but for the last 10 years he has been teaching only anatomy to allied health students. If you meet him ask him a physiology question just to see him look uncomfortable but be warned, he will make something up if he doesn’t know the answer and it might not be wise to use this information in an exam situation.

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