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An exciting part of your Nursing degree involves on the job training through Workplace Learning (WPL).

To assist you with your WPL journey, the following tabs contain important information and guides to ensure you are aware of your WPL requirements.

The following indicates your compulsory Workplace Learning (WPL) components:

Bachelor of Nursing (4421NS)

  • NRS162 Nursing Workplace Learning 1 (5.7 days - 40 hours)
  • NRS173 Nursing Workplace Learning 2 (11.43 days - 80 hours)
  • NRS276 Nursing Workplace Learning 3 (22.86 days - 160 hours)
  • NRS282 Nursing Workplace Learning 4 (22.86 days - 160 hours)
  • NRS386 Nursing Workplace Learning 5 (25 days - 200 hours)
  • NRS398 Nursing Workplace Learning 6 (25 days - 200 hours)

It is compulsory for you as a Charles Sturt University student to obtain and maintain specific requirements throughout your degree. These include NSW Health compliance requirements and Charles Sturt Universities Workplace Learning requirements. The following information will assist you achieve your compliance.

NSW Health requirements

Due first year of study and no later than Friday, 1st April 2022

  • Australian National Police Check
  • NSW Health Code of Conduct
  • Immunisations and Vaccinations
  • Influenza vaccination
  • COVID-19 vaccination

Visit NSW Health for more information

Use the following checklist to help organise your requirements:

Download NSW Health compliance checklist

Once you have obtained your NSW compliance requirements you will need to submit them by email to a NSW Health representative for assessment and verification.

When sending your documents to NSW Health please enter in your email subject line: Student ID / Student name / Discipline / Compliance

For further assistance please see the FOSH WPL Student Guide to NSW Health Compliance (Nursing).

Charles Sturt University WPL requirements

Due first year of study and no later than Friday, 23rd May 2022

  • First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Working with Children Check
  • ACT Working with Vulnerable People
  • Online course – Manual Handling
  • Online course – Child Protection
  • Online course – Hand Hygiene
  • Uniforms and ID Badge

Information can be found on the Faculty of Science and Health Workplace Learning Interact 2 site.  Charles Sturt students and staff are required to self enrol to obtain access by following the following guide:

Download the discipline requirements checklist

Once you have obtained your Charles Sturt University WPL requirements, instructions on how to upload to InPlace can be found on the above Faculty of Science and Health Interact2 site.

To support your Workplace Learning journey the following services will provide you with important information:

Need help or assistance?

Please contact the Faculty of Science and Health Workplace Learning Team.

Phone: +61 26933 3010