Environmental Sciences

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An exciting part of the Environmental Sciences degree involves on the job training through Workplace Learning (WPL).

To assist with the WPL journey, the following tabs contain important information and guides to ensure students are aware of WPL requirements.

The following indicates compulsory Workplace Learning (WPL) components:

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management (with specialisations)  (4421ES)

  • ENM109 - Introduction to Environmental Practice (10 days)
  • GEO360 - Community and Stakeholder Engagement (5 days)

Bachelor of Geospatial Science (4420GS)

  • ENM109 - Introduction to Environmental Practice (4 days)

To support the Workplace Learning journey the following services will provide important information:

Need help or assistance?

Please contact the Faculty of Science and Health Workplace Learning Team.

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Email: FOSH-WPL@csu.edu.au