Jonathon Howard

Course Directors

Dr Jonathon Howard

PhD, Grad Cert Leadership & Management, Grad Dip Bus Mgt, Grad Dip Nat Resources, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Senior Fellow (HEA), AICD.

Course Director / Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Albury / Wodonga
Building 760 Room 234

Dr Jonathon's research is centred on the social and psychological dimensions of achieving sustainable water use. He has over 10 years prior experience working in government in Natural Resource Management (NRM). Dr Jonathon's research career began as an extension of my previous employment with evaluations of various community programs. Over time that interest has become more focused and theoretically driven. It is now centred on the social psychology dimensions of water management with the main focus being applying concepts in justice, governance, and public administration to critically examine programs and policy. Dr Jonathon conducts on-going research into water reform and catchment management. Other projects include mapping land holder preferences for water management incentives using GIS systems.

Dr Jonathon also has considerable practical experience in strategic management, risk assessment, and governance having served on various boards associated with NRM. He now serves on the NPWS Western Regional Advisory Committee, the MBDA Murray Region Stakeholder Committee, and the Executive Council of the NSW NPA.

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Dr Jonathon is Course Director for undergraduate environmental science degrees. He also oversees workplace learning within those degrees.

He teaches subjects associated with administration and management, as well as those centred on community engagement and recreation.

Dr Jonathon has research interest in the following:

  • Sustainability
  • Social dimensions of achieving sustainable water use
  • Community development and capacity building