Course Directors

Dr Jennifer Cox

BSc; BMedSc (Hons); PhD

Course Director / Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Building 1001 Room A71

Jennifer joined the School of Biomedical Sciences at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in July 2004 after five years as a casual academic with the School of Nursing, CSU. Prior to joining CSU she gained extensive experience in biomedical science and clinical microbiology through her employment as a Scientific Officer in public and private pathology laboratories. Her primary teaching focus is anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

In 2010 Jennifer was seconded to the Faculty of Science as the lead academic for the Student Transition and Retention (STAR) plan. This work culminated, in 2013, in the development and implementation of the SciFYE (Science First Year Experience) program which helps students participate, pass and progress in their first year of university. She was awarded the Vice Chancellors Award for Leadership Excellence in 2014.


Teaching philosophy

Jenny has a personal commitment to and passion for teaching. She aims to help students on their journey of life-long learning by engaging and enhancing their minds, their interest and their enthusiasm for the sciences which are integral to their chosen healthcare profession.

Current subjects taught
  • BMS191 (Human Bioscience 1)
  • BMS192 (Human Bioscience 2)
  • BMS105 (Science Communication and Methodology)

Teaching awards and citations

  • Senior Fellowship, Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK) - 2018
  • SBMS Award for Excellence in Subject Delivery - 2017
  • CSU Vice Chancellors Award, Leadership Excellence - 2014
  • Faculty of Science Award, Leadership Excellence - 2012


Her key areas of interest are:

  • Health science education (tertiary)
  • Self-efficacy and clinical practice
  • Cultural competency and education for health professionals

Chapters in books

Cox, J.L, Logan, P.A., Curtis, A. (2014). Chapter 7 Being a nursing or paramedic student in rural and regional NSW: Profiles and Challenges, IN Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-being and Social Change. Ragusa, A.T. (Ed). Bentham Science Publishers.pp.300-337.eISBN 978-1-60805-802-0.

Peer Reviewed Journal articles

Cox, J. L., & Simpson, M. D. (2016). Exploring the link between self-efficacy, workplace learning and clinical practice. Asia-Pacific Journal of Cooperative Education, 17(3), 215-225.

Cox, J. L., Simpson, M. D., Letts, W., & Cavanagh, H. M. A. (2015). Re-thinking microbiology/infection control education to enhance the practice-readiness of health professional students: More than just a curriculum issue. Journal of Learning Design, 8(1), 55-67.

Cox, J. L., & Crane, J. W. (2014). Shifting the focus: Increasing engagement and improving performance of nursing students in bioscience subjects using face-to-face workshops to reduce anxiety. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 22(7), 11-22.

Crane, J. W., & Cox, J. L. (2013). More than just a lack of knowledge: A discussion of the potential hidden-impact of poor pre-enrolment science background on nursing student success in bioscience subjects. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education, 21(1), 30-40.

Logan, P.A.,Cox, J. & Nielson,S. (2013). Short online test and survey as an indicator of student risk in bioscience at a regional university. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education. Special Edition. 21(3), 17-29.

Peer Reviewed Published Conference full papers

Logan, P. A., & Cox, J. L. (2015). When level 2 is the 1st year at university: Evaluation of a preparation program for direct entry to pathophysiology and pharmacology. Paper presented at the Students, Transition, Achievement, Retention and Success (STARS) Conference, Melbourne 1-4th July

Conference Presentations

Logan, PA, Cox, JL & Nielsen, S. (2014). Testing a Model for Identifying Nursing and Paramedic Students Risk in Level 1 Human  Bioscience Student Engagement: From the classroom to the workplace ACSME 2014 Sydney, 29th Sep- 1st Oct. 2014.

Chapters in books

Simpson, M. D., & Cox, J.L. (2018). Learning clinical reasoning across cultural contexts. In J. Higgs, G. Jensen, S. Loftus, & N. Christensen (Eds.), Clinical reasoning in the health professions (4th ed.,). Edinburgh: Elsevier

Peer Reviewed Journal articles 
Cox, J.L., & Simpson, M.D. (2018). Microbiology education and infection control competency: Offering a new perspective. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, 19(2). Retrieved from doi:

Logan, P.A., van Reyk, D., Johnston, A.N., Hillman, E., Cox, J. L., Salvage-Jones, J., & Anderson, J. (2017). University after VET: The challenges faced by the Enrolled Nurse. Journal of Perspectives of Applied Academic Practice, 5(2), 73-84.

Professional Activities

Administrative responsibilities 

  • Project lead, OLT Seed project 2018 (Deputy lead: 2016-17)
  • Member, CSU leadership Development for Women Steering Committee


  • Bioscience Education Australia Network (BEAN)
  • Western NSW Health Research Network
  • WACE International Research Community (IRC)

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