Celia Barril

Course Directors

Dr Celia Barril

BSc (Poitiers), MSc (Nantes), PhD (CSU)

Course Director / Viticulture, Wine Science, Wine Business, General Studies (Science), BScience
Wagga Wagga
Building 288 Room 149
Wagga Wagga

Dr Celia Barril completed her education in France, Ireland (2nd year BSc Erasmus student) and England (1st year Maters' internship) where she received a BSc (Analytical Chemistry major) and a Masters' in Organic Chemistry/Analytical Chemistry.  Her Masters' research projects included synthesis of an anti-cancer compound (University of Kingston-Upon-Thames, England) and enzyme-catalysed synthesis of a glycerol derivative for sugar authentication in wine using quantitative 2H-NMR (University of Nantes, France).

Keen for more travel, Celia undertook her PhD as a Co-tutelle programme between AgroParisTech (France) and the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre at CSU, investigating the chemistry of ascorbic acid and sulfur dioxide as an antioxidant system relevant to white wine. She graduated in 2011 and is now supervising overseas Masters' students, Honours students and PhD students, in projects developing analytical methods and utilising chemistry to understand oxidation processes in food matrices and profiling grape and wine composition.

Celia is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and has taught Chemistry in the School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences at CSU since 2009; she is part of the Chemistry Teaching Team which received a Vice Chancellor award for Teaching Excellence in 2011. Celia was the Chemistry Discipline Leader (2015-2017), and the Program Leader for the Bachelor of Science (2013-2017), before taking on her current role of Course Director for the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of General Studies (Science), and the Wine and Viticulture courses at CSU. Celia works closely with the Eastern Riverina Science Teachers Association (ERSTA) in order to promote Science, and more particularly Chemistry, to High School students.

While Celia is not currently teaching in her role as Course Director, she has coordinated and/or taught:
CHM107 Chemistry 1B
CHM213 Analytical Chemistry
CHM214 Physical Chemistry
CHM216 Organic Chemistry
CHM219 Organic and Physical Chemistry
CHM324 Instrumental Analysis 2
CHM335 Analytical Chemistry Industry Experience

Research Interests

Celia's research interests include:
- Oxidation mechanisms in wine and lipid systems and antioxidant's mode of action in food matrices
- Grape and wine composition, in particular phenolic compounds, carbohydrates and amino acids
- Development of analytical methods, including UV-vis spectrophotometry, FIA, (U)HPLC, MS, SFE
- Identification of novel compounds and organic synthesis

Research Projects

2014 GC-MS/MS-SCD at NWGIC. CSU RIBG funding $126,000. Collaborating scientists: L. Schmidtke (CSU), A. Clark (CSU), L. Weston (CSU).

2014-2017 Metal ion speciation: Understanding its role in wine development and generating a tool to minimise wine spoilage. Funded by AGWA (formerly GWRDC) $708,962. Collaborating scientists: A. Clark (CSU), N. Kodoudakis (CSU), L. Schmidtke (CSU), G. Scollary (Uni. Melb), M. Smith (AWRI), P. Smith (AWRI), E. Wilkes (AWRI).

2013-2017 Improving industry capacity to manage the yield and wine quality relationship through understanding the influence of vine carbon balance on berry composition. Funded by AGWA (formerly GWRDC) $1,568,452. Collaborating scientists: J. Smith (CSU), B. Holzapfel (NWGIC/DPI), E. Edwards (CSIRO), M. Walker (CSIRO), P Clingeleffer (CSIRO).

PhD Students

Julia Gouot "Production and stability of anthocyanins in Vitis vinifera L cv Shiraz grapes and wine as affected by temperature and heat events during berry development" 2016-2019

Gerhard Rossouw "The influence of grapevine source-sink relations and water status during berry maturation on carbohydrate reserves" 2013-2017

Md Ahsan Ghani "Development of a rapid and robust method to measure antioxidant activity in a lipid system" 2012-2016

Paris Grant-Preece "Wine bottle colour, light exposure and white wine: defining the contribution to wine faults" 2012-2016

Masters Students

Dr Barril also supervises overseas students as part of their Masters' degree (3- to 6-month internship):

April-July 2016: student from the Analytical Chemistry & Quality Assurance Masters' at the 'Institut Universitaire Professionalisé' (IUP), Poitiers, France, "Development of a super critical fluid extraction method as a replacement of an Industry-standard liquid-liquid extraction method for hydrocarbons in soil"

January-June 2015: student from the Research & Development in Analytical Chemistry Masters' at AgroParisTech, Paris, France, "Impact of canopy manipulations on berry and wine composition in Shiraz"

  • Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (CChem RACI)
  • Member of the Eastern Riverina Science Teachers Association (ERSTA)
  • Member of the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC)

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