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The Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium is taking the plants of the Murray and Murrumbidgee to the web. The Virtual Herbarium allows you to view specimen information and images, obtain detailed revegetation information for the South West Slopes and the Riverina of NSW, access the On-Line Grasses Guide and use the Woodland Web:

View specimen images

Specimen Database

The on-line Herbarium allows viewing of high quality images and herbarium sheet information for all the specimens in the CSU Herbarium. This feature enable users to easily identify native and exotic species in the region, and to obtain useful information about each specimen.

The Virtual Floral Formula

Virtual Floral Formula

Understanding flower structure is an important part of appreciating how a plant functions and is involved in understanding pollination syndromes, fruit structures, plant breeding and in identifying plants. The ‘Virtual Floral Formula’ will allow you to improve your skills in recognising the major flower parts, while learning how to prepare floral formulae.

Australian Plant Family Recognition

Australian Plant Family Recognition

Being able to recognise plant families ‘on sight’ is a very useful skill. Please use these tutorials and interactive tests to learn more about the main Australian plant families.

Gynoecium - a guide to floral structure


Aspects of the sepals, petals and androecium (stamens) are usually relatively straightforward but interpreting the structure of the gynoecium often causes problems. This guide aims to reduce these problems by illustrating various aspects of the gynoecium such as ovary superior or inferior, number of carpels, etc.

* Gynoecium Test 1

Floral Symmetry

Floral Symmetry

In many keys it is necessary to determine the symmetry of flowers. This web site aims to reduce the possible problems in determining symmetry with the aid of notes, images and a test.

* Floral Symmetry Test 1

Leaves - a guide to leaf structure

Leaf Structure

This guide is designed to develop your plant identification skills, primarily by providing high quality images that illustrate leaf morphology.

*  Test 1

*  Test 2

Supermarket Botany

Supermarket Botany

This application is an excellent platform for teaching students about the differences between fruits and vegetables, the differences between roots, stems and leaves and the developmental sequence from flowers to fruits. Many people have published information on Supermarket Botany in different forms over the years. Hopefully we have developed a fresh approach.

On-Line Grasses Guide

Grasses Guide

This guide provides you with specimen information and high quality images for all the grasses in the Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium.

On-Line Mistletoe Guide

Mistletoe Guide

This Guide provides you with specimen sheet information and high  quality images for all the mistletoe species in the Charles Sturt University Herbarium. Additionally you can view articles describing recent research and general information on mistletoes.

Use the Interactive Riverina Vegetation Guide

Riverina Vegetation Guide

This easy to use and fully interactive version of the Native Vegetation Guide for the Riverina allows you to find vegetation profiles for all land systems in the region (covering a wide area, extending from the Murray River, west to Balranald, east to Narrandera and north through Carrathool Shire), plus illustrated descriptions of over 300 species of trees, shrubs and ground covers.

Surf the South West Slopes Revegetation Guide

SWS Revegetation Guide

This application provides you with detailed species information for selected species form the South West Slope Revegetation Guide. This information is available as a result of the Herbariums partnership with the Department of Land and Water Conservation and the Catchment Management Board.

View species list

Species List

This page provides you with a list of all the species available in the Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium.

The Woodland Web

The Woodland Web

This web site contains a collection of articles describing recent research on the ecology, conservation, management  and restoration of native woodlands and grasslands..