Welcome to our Centre

The Fred Morley Centre is an initiative of the School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences.

The Centre assists both the School and the rural livestock industries by providing a focus on the 'whole farm' approach to veterinary teaching.  The Centre also provides added impetus to research through its initiation and delivery of on-farm research projects, which provide further support to the livestock industries.

The Centre's Mission

"Apply critical thinking to improve the profitability, productivity and animal welfare of the broadacre agricultural industries."

Activities by those staff aligned with the Fred Morley Centre include:

  • Offering a Livestock health and production rotation for final year veterinary students, challenging them to think more critically about how best to provide services and advice  to the livestock industries
  • Supervision of HDR students in projects and activities related to the livestock industries
  • Information packages to assist agricultural professionals
  • An assessment of research findings for their on-farm application
  • On-farm research