Dr Rosemary Corrigan

B Physio Sydney, M App Sci ( Physiotherapy) U SA, PhysioD La Trobe

Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 008

Rosemary comes to CSU from a clinical background where she has worked primarily in acute and tertiary rehabilitation. She has worked predominantly in Australia in metropolitan and rural settings and has been involved in co-ordinating and supervising students in the clinical setting and in developing rehabilitation programmes targeting health promotion and falls prevention. Her primary interest lies in the field of rehabilitation physiotherapy and more specifically community ambulation and understanding peoples responses to chronic neurological disorders.

  • Lecturer in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme,
  • Clinical coordinator


Rosemary has been involved in designing the curriculum for PHS 300- Integrated Physiotherapy Clinical Practice PHS302 Neurological and Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice

Rosemary as a member of the physiotherapy teaching team was also involved in the development of the new physiotherapy programme which has a focus in the use of problem based learning in all 4 years of the programme

Subject Delivery
  • Lecturer in Integrated Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (PHS300),
  • Lecturer in Neurological and Paediatric Physiotherapy Practice (PHS302)
  • Coordinator and lecturer in Physiotherapy in Complex Case ( PHS415)
  • Coordinator and lecturer in Physiotherapy in Professional Practice ( PHS323)
Innovations in Teaching

In my role as clinical coordinator across all years of the physiotherapy programme I look forward to being involved in the development of interprofessional clinical practice that the Community Engagement and Wellness Centre (CEW) will foster and also in developing the CEW as a centre of excellence in workplace learning and training of clinical educators. My teaching has continued to evolve with the use of internet technologies and auditory media to support the learning needs and students


Having participated in the Foundations of University Learning and teaching course to enhance teaching , I aim to continue exploring patients perceptions about disease and the unique geographic, social and physical issues that can impeded community ambulation and engagement and integrate these findings into teaching. In my role as clinical coordinator I also see an area of workplace research evaluating clinical educators practice after training on education in the workplace setting

Current Research Higher Degree Students
  • Sarah Webster     Hons    
    Exploring the perceptions of carers of persons with MND in a small rural community 
  • Will Ryan    Hons   
    The impact of the profession and practice of physiotherapy on life choices

Professional & Community Engagement

In the new role of clinical coordinator for all years I look forward to becoming involved in the workplace learning projects that the School of Community Health is participating in particularly within the CEW centre. I also aim to work with stakeholders to develop workplace learning opportunities to identify and engage in the expansion of the CSU workplace learning from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Developing new workplace learning opportunities with stakeholders in the CSU community

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