Professor Rod Pope

BAppSc(Phty), GradDipPsychStud, PhD

Professor in Physiotherapy
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 405

Rod is a registered Physiotherapist with 30 years of experience in the profession, encompassing: Physiotherapy practice; tactical forces injury risk management; applied and translational research; university teaching and research supervision; contracting and consultancy; and leadership and management of a range of organisations, businesses, programs and projects. Rod has provided professional services and program oversight across many locations, including leadership of the implementation project for the ADF’s Defence Injury Prevention Program 2000-2006, and principal investigator roles in a range of multi-site research projects.

Rod is Professor of Physiotherapy in the School of Community Health at Charles Sturt University, and co-leads tactical forces protection and physical performance research with Associate Professor Rob Orr from Bond University. He works with colleagues, internationally, to conduct research and provide advice for military, law enforcement and fire and rescue organisations, collaborates in research on active ageing and allied health care, and facilitates Physiotherapy student learning.

Teaching areas:

  • Research & evidence-based Physiotherapy practice
  • Rural health care
  • Physiotherapy professional practice

Research areas:

  • Tactical forces injury risk management
  • Tactical forces physical performance
  • Active ageing
  • Physiotherapy & allied health care

Current research:

Rod is actively engaged in supervising and conducting research in each of the interest areas listed above, on a continuing basis.

  • Member, Council of Physiotherapy Deans Australia & New Zealand
  • Member, Australian Physiotherapy Association & Occupational Health Physiotherapy National Group
  • Member, Sports Medicine Australia
  • Member, Australasian Military Medicine Association
  • Member, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health
Journal publications 2012-2017:

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