Cherie Zischke

B Ex Sci (Griffith University), MPhty (Griffith University)

Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Port Macquarie
Building 3013 Room 102A

Cherie is an experienced educator, lecturer and clinician who has worked within the university setting, covering a variety of subject areas for the past 10 years. Cherie has experience in teaching and developing curriculum across paediatric and neurological physiotherapy areas. She has a particular interest in paediatrics, community health, innovation and utilising technology to support service provision.

She is currently completing her PhD investigating whether utilising telehealth technologies can improve access to physiotherapy services for children and their families. Cherie has worked across multiple physiotherapy settings including acute hospital, private practice and community health. Her specific experience working with paediatric clients and their families across settings has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the needs of her clients and the communities she has worked within. Her research strategy aims to improve access to paediatric physiotherapy services and aligns with both the needs of the profession and her passion for supporting paediatric clients and the wider community.

Cherie has been teaching across a variety of areas including both adult and paediatric physiotherapy since 2009. She has been a subject convenor, problem-based learning tutor and lead lecturer for many areas across physiotherapy programs, more specifically, paediatric physiotherapy, working with persons with disabilities and neurological physiotherapy areas. She has supported students to become professional, skilled and effective physiotherapists. She is experienced in developing new subjects, course materials and assessment items, recently leading the development of a new elective subject for a Doctor of Physiotherapy Program titled Innovation and Global Practice in Physiotherapy. She supports the development of innovative and high-quality teaching resources for physiotherapy students and has a strong commitment to continuously developing abilities and teaching performance through professional development, self-reflection and peer-review.  She has as a strong commitment to providing feedback to students in flexible and individual ways.

Cherie is currently completing her PhD in the area of neurodevelopmental paediatrics with a focus on service access and use of technology in overcoming barriers to access in rural and remote areas. Her PhD titled “Access to paediatric physiotherapy services: can technology help” has a specific focus on investigating if the use of telehealth in physiotherapy can help to overcome access issues. Cherie is currently completing a systematic review on the validity, reliability and utility of using synchronous telehealth assessments across all areas of physiotherapy. She is also completing a study investigating access to paediatric physiotherapy from both parent and physiotherapist perspectives across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • APA National Group Memberships:
  • The Paediatric Physiotherapy Group
  • The Disability Group

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