Occupational Therapy

Karen Hayes

BaAppSc(Occupational Therapy)(Hons), MHlthSc(Education), GCertAppHlthBPsych

Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Port Macquarie
South Wing

An experienced occupational therapist with practice experience in rural and urban contexts. Karen has extensive experience in managing health service teams, and providing leadership, management, and organisational change/knowledge translation education to urban and rural/remote health professionals.  She has been an invited speaker in the fields of health service change management, health leadership and management, policy development, and a coach and mentor to health service managers, medical executive, and other clinical leaders regarding resilience, self-management, workplace conflict, efficacy, and change implementation.

Karen’s mission is to increase access to high quality, impactful occupational therapy services in rural and remote areas by teaching undergraduate students to increase the pool of qualified professional and researching the needs and opportunities in rural practice for occupational therapy and other allied health professions.

Karen has extensive experience in learner-centered, creative, interactive undergraduate and continuous education for undergraduate and post training health professionals including curriculum design, small and large group teaching, online learning design and development, video filming and production, conference planning and management, coaching, mentoring, supervision, and 1:1 instruction.

Karen is interested in understanding the needs of communities, occupational therapists and students, to increase access to high quality, impactful occupational therapy services in regional, rural, and remote areas.

Professional memberships

  • Occupational Therapy Australia
  • World Federation of Occupational Therapists
  • Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SAARAH)
  • Australian Academy of Science – Early & Mid-career Researchers Forum
  • Occupational Therapy United (Port Macquarie)
  • Hunter Occupational Therapy (HOT) Group
  • Registered occupational therapist (Australia)

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