Bruce Allworth

Veterinary Science

Professor Bruce Allworth


Director, Fred Morley Centre / Professor in Livestock Systems
Building 229 Room 210

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Bruce has combined a consultancy career in sheep and beef production, and operating a sheep and cattle property at Holbrook, with a strong interest in post-graduate education and research.  Bruce worked at Massey University (1985) and the Mackinnon Project (1986-1988, Melbourne University), before establishing Allworth Sheep and Cattle Production Services.  He completed a PhD in footrot eradication in sheep (1992-1995), was National OJD Coordinator (1997-2004) and is now Director of the Fred Morley Centre at CSU's School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.


  • Applied on farm research in sheep and cattle
  • Footrot
  • Pestivirus
  • Lamb survival
  • Application of robotics and remote technology on livestock farms


  • FMC rotation for final year CSU vet students
  • Farm Consultancy Project
  • lectures in Johnes Disease and footrot
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