Associate Professor Catherine Allan

BAgSci Melb, MNatRes NE, PhD CSU

Associate Professor in Environment, Sociology and Planning
Albury / Wodonga
Building 760 Room 148

I began my professional career helping farmers reclaim drifting sand dunes in the South Australian Mallee, then moved to supporting groups in Victoria with activities as diverse as managing their creek frontages to maintain populations of Trout Cod, to fostering group management skills to maintain their  Landcare groups. A common thread throughout my agency employment was working with, and learning from, the people who manage the land. Indeed, as I learned more about environmental management I came to appreciate that humans are part of a complex, dynamic social-ecosystem.

Since commencing employment at CSU in 2004 both my teaching and research have centred on predominantly social aspects of this social-ecosystem. My research interests include regional scale adaptive management, and the related topics of participatory approaches and social learning. I am particularly interested in qualitative research approaches, including participatory and collaborative research which empowers communities. I also employ analysis of social discourse to better understand the rural societies in which we live.


Native vegetation management

Vegetable gardening

Current PhD

  • Cecile van de Burgh(current) The connectivity values of the Roadside and Stock Route Network (RSRN) Australia 
  • Moragh Mackay(current) Social learning and innovation in regional Natural Resource governance
  • Samantha Strong(current) Exploring the paradoxes of native vegetation management in south-eastern Australia in the early 21st century
  • Jessica Schoeman(current)Optimising water management in the Anthropocene?

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