Environmental Science

Dr Jodi Price

Bachelor of Science in Australian Environmental Science. Griffith University; PhD in Vegetation Ecology, La Trobe University

Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Albury / Wodonga
Building 760 Room 115


Jodi Price is a plant community ecologist, who is interested in community assembly processes, species coexistence, disturbance, restoration, and species invasions. Jodi's favourite ecosystems to work in are temperate grasslands and woodlands, and she has explored her research questions in grasslands in south eastern Australia, Western Australia and abroad (mostly in Estonia). Jodi's main research questions address small-scale biodiversity patterns from a desire to both understand processes driving high species richness, and to explore how anthropogenic factors (e.g. land-use, altered disturbance regimes, weed invasion) impact on biodiversity patterns and natural processes.

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