Jennifer Bond

Environmental Science

Dr Jen Bond

B. AgSci (Hons) G.Dip Rur Sys Mgt MSc. PhD. G.C HELT

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Albury / Wodonga
Building 170 Room 145

Dr Bond is currently a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography within the School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences, as well as a researcher on several projects within the Gulbali Institute of Agriculture, Water & Environment. Jen’s research focuses on the links between humans and the natural environment, and falls into two main areas: human-wildlife interactions and agricultural development. Dr Bond’s fieldwork is undertaken locally in Northeast Victoria, and internationally throughout Southeast Asia.

Jen is a member of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) and is currently a co-Book Review Editor for the affiliated journal, Society & Natural Resources, with Dr Chelsea Schelly. Jen is also an active reviewer of journal articles for a range of high-ranking journals, as well as grant reviewer for international funding agencies.

Jen is currently co-coordinator of the environmental science stream of the FOSH Honours program, with Dr Melanie Massaro. Students can get in touch with Jen about this program.

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Dr Bond currently teaches into both environmental and agricultural degrees offered by the School. Jen has a particular interest in the ‘first year experience’ and teaches first year environmental science students in natural resource management, facilitating students’ move from secondary to tertiary education. Jen also draws on her former professional experience as an extension officer, in addition to her current research activities in agricultural and rural development, to teach extension to agricultural students.

Linking with her research in Southeast Asia, Jen also leads subjects that involve international student trips to Cambodia and Timor Leste. These international trips support students’ development in relation to the Graduate Learning Outcome of Global Citizenship.

Additionally, Dr Bond also supervises Higher Degree Research and Honours students undertaking a range of projects that have a social science component.

Dr Bond has been involved in a range of projects within the agricultural and  environmental space, which have a social science component. Most recently Jen has been involved in several multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research projects in Southeast Asia funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), focusing on fisheries, cropping, and salinity management. These projects have been undertaken in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Pakistan. Jen also collaborates closely with colleagues from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, where she worked as a researcher and visiting scholar over two periods in 2013-2014 and in 2016. This research focuses on smallholder farmers’ adaptation to climate change in Central Vietnam, with more recent focus on ethnic minority communities in the upland areas.

A further area of research for Dr Bond is that of human-wildlife interactions. This builds on her extensive PhD fieldwork undertaken in Kenya, with a focus on human-elephant conflict. More recent research is focussed locally on human-deer conflict in Northeast Victoria.

Other Australian-based research focuses on the social and behavioural dimensions of agriculture, including biosecurity and farmer wellbeing.