Shawn McGrath

Animal Science

Shawn McGrath

BScAg (Hon I)

Senior Lecturer in Animal Production
Wagga Wagga
Building 229 Room 272

Shawn completed his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture through The University of Sydney in 2001. He then worked in agribusiness before commencing a career in research at CSU in 2010. Shawn's PhD project investigated the utilisation of dual-purpose wheat by sheep in southern NSW and included a number of field trials, producer surveys and biophysical modelling using AusFarm. Shawn has more recently worked on an MLA-sponsored research project which included a comparison of Merino and White Dorper maternal systems utilising dual-purpose crops and investigated alternate forage options for finishing lambs in late-Spring including the novel legumes biserrula, French serradella and bladder clover. Shawn was appointed to the position of Lecturer in Whole Farm Management in the Fred Morley Unit in 2015.

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McGrath SR, Virgona JM, Friend MA (2014). Modelling the effect on stocking rate and lamb production of allowing ewes to graze a dual-purpose wheat crop in southern New South Wales. Animal Production Science54, 1625-1630.

McGrath SR, Lievaart JJ and Friend MA (2013). Extent of utilisation of dual-purpose wheat for grazing by late-pregnant and lambing ewes and producer-reported incidence of health issues in southern New South Wales. Australian Veterinary Journal 91, 432-436.

McGrath SR, Lievaart JJ, Virgona JM, Bhanugopan MS and Friend MA (2013). Factors involved in high ewe losses in winter lambing flocks grazing dual-purpose wheat in southern New South Wales: a producer survey. Animal Production Science 53, 458-463.

Gulati SK, McGrath S, Wynn PC, Thomson PC and Scott TW (2006). Rumen protected fat reverses the conjugated linoleic acid induced low milk fat content in dairy cows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 86, 63-70.

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