Remy Dehaan


Dr Remy Dehaan

BSc(Hons) PhD UNSW

Senior Lecturer in Precision Agriculture and Spatial Science
Wagga Wagga
Building 286 Room 105

Remy teaches Precision Agriculture, Property Management, has a background and has taught a range of Remote Sensing (RS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geology subjects. He has broad interests in the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems for agriculture and environmental monitoring as well as landscape mapping and survey applications. He graduated from the University of NSW with a BSc (Hons 1) in Geology in 1998 and a PhD in Remote sensing in 2003. Remy's research career began in the field of geology mapping structural controls and the geology of the Belara and Native Bee massive sulphide prospects near Goolma, NSW. Since then Remy has worked in the private sector pre-processing, calibrating and analysing hyperspectral (HyMaP) and airborne video imagery before holding his current positions as Senior Lecturer in remote sensing and geographical information systems in Charles Sturt University School of Environmental Sciences and now Senior Lecturer in Precision Agriculture in the School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences. Remy's current themes of research include; hyperspectral imagery for mapping weed infestations, multi-temporal time series remote sensing data to examine the effect of stubble burning, examining the effects of vegetation thickening in National Parks over the last 30 years and the use of remote sensing to map vegetation changes connected to river systems to understand changes in geomorphic processes. Remy is passionate about delivering quality teaching in the areas of agriculture, earth science, remote sensing, GIS and cartography as well as research into internet based strategies and quality assessment to improve student learning. He is the Chief Pilot for Charles Sturt University Drone fleet and focuses on utilising drone data to improve decision making in agricultural and environmental areas.


  • AGS107 Precision Agriculture and Data Handling
  • AGR237 Property Planning and Development

Research Students

  • John Broster (PhD - Ag & Vet)
  • Rod Rumbachs (Masters)
  • Patrick Hawkins (Hons)


  • Spatial science
  • Science education
  • Motorcycles
  • Family and friends
  • Precision Agriculture

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