The FalconCam project has been running for more than 10 years. Many people have contributed to it over that time, and we'd like to acknowledge these contributions below.


We'd like to thank the following, amongst others, for their very generous time and/or financial donations. There are too many individual donations to list there, but they are all very much appreciated, including those who contribute their time helping with the moderation of the YouTube chat. All received funding goes to our equipment upgrades, running and research costs.  A particular thanks is due to Scott Banks, founder team member, who managed all the technical side of the project until 2022 and, without whom, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • RAAF 30 Beaufighter Squadron (for initial support and funding).
  • Ron Green (for nest box construction and installation).
  • Ian Grange (for assistance with founding the project).
  • Tony Smith (for support and assistance with data collection).
  • Murray and Vicki Fletcher (for data collection).
  • Rosemary and Doug Stapleton (for assistance with fieldwork and data collection).
  • Tiffany Mason (for help with identification of prey and fieldwork).
  • Kevin Parton and Heather Robinson (former Heads of Orange Campus) (for support and funding).
  • The OSRC (Orange Student Representative Council) & CRA (Combined Residence Association) (for assistance with fund-raising events for students).
  • Charles Sturt Printery (Wagga Wagga NSW).
  • Robin Bedding (ACT, Aust).
  • The Charles Sturt University IT team - Conrad Dare-Edwards, Amber Murray, Paul Drake, John 'Robbo' Roberts, Ayden Beeson, Luke Blewett, Jason Lyons, James Moreland (for IT support for our rather non-standard project!)
  • Gail Dihm (for an extraordinarily generous donation by an individual).
  • Sue Hines (Mallacoota, VIC) (for assistance with chat moderation and data entry).
  • Lyn Bowland (VIC) for assistance with prey data entry and chat moderation).
  • Christine Jensen (for help with data entry).
  • Jay Cars, Orange (for the new microphone).
  • Paul Carter at Captivaction (for donation of ‘tower cam’).
  • Brad Townend (for help with electrical work).
  • Ed Maher and the Charles Sturt Green team (for support and administration).


The 30 Squadron RAAF Beaufighter Association helped support this project in its early phases. Its emblem is a peregrine falcon and its motto is ‘Strike swiftly’, so our first two peregrines were called Swift (female) and Beau (male) to honour this group. They have visited the site several times and their input has been very valuable.

More information can be found on the fascinating history of this group.