Sam Adeloju

Deputy Dean

Professor Sam Adeloju

B.Sc, Grad Dip Appl Sc, Grad Dip Sc Ed, M.App.Sc, PhD

Deputy Dean
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 315

Professor Adeloju was appointed Deputy Dean of Science in February 2019. His previous leadership experiences at Monash University include Professor of Chemistry and Director of Research Development in Science and Engineering, Head of School of Applied Sciences and Engineering, and Campus Director of Research and Graduate Studies. He also served at the Western Sydney University as Head of Department of Chemistry and Director of a University Research Centre for over 15 years.

Professor Adeloju has national and international reputation in Chemistry and was awarded the prestigious 2009 Applied Research Medal by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI); 2011 R.H. Stokes Medal for distinguished contributions by the Electrochemistry Division of the RACI; 2013 Doreen Clark Medal for outstanding contributions to Analytical Chemistry by RACI; and the 2017 RACI Citation Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Chemistry Section of the Applied Sciences Journal (MDPI, Switzerland).

Professor Adeloju has been instrumental in developing, fostering and managing the delivery of various high quality teaching programs in chemistry, environmental science, biotechnology, and civil and environmental engineering at WSU and Monash. Also, he has extensive experiences in teaching analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry and environmental chemistry at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In particular, Professor Adeloju is interested in promoting excellence and giving priority to teaching and learning at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is well aware of the many issues and developments in teaching and learning including use of new technologies, flexible delivery mode (including multimodal), on-line and distance education modes of teaching and learning. He also has a broad knowledge of the connection between teaching programs and vocational orientation.

Professor Adeloju has made original and innovative contributions to the design, fabrication, and characterization of conducting polymers, biosensors, nanobiosensors, nanomaterials and microbial fuel cells. His research activities is focused on the development and utilization of advances in bioanalytical and biological chemistry coupled with nanotechnology for fabrication of novel advanced nanodevices and nanoanalytical systems, including nanobiosensors, medical diagnostics and microbial fuel cells. In particular, he has made significant contributions to the development of biosensors and nanobiosensors for clinical, environmental and food analyses, as well as in the development of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) for power generation from wastewaters. Sam's current research interest focuses on the use of 2D and 3D nanomaterials for fabrication of novel nanobiosensors and high performance MFC stacks for large scale power generation and wastewater treatment.

Professor Adeloju is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and a Chartered Chemist.  He has been involved in establishing local, national and international partnerships and research collaboration. These include numerous external collaborative partnerships with industry, government (local, state and federal), other private organisations and universities in Australia and overseas, including China, Malaysia and India. Furthermore, he has been involved in the establishment of one of Monash’s not-for-profit company, Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre (ASIRC) on the former Gippsland campus.

Furthermore, Professor Adeloju has been appointed as a visiting professor of chemistry in Sweden, UK, Australia (Tasmania), China, and Malaysia, as well as external advisor for chemistry at USP, Fiji. He was also a Senior Foreign Expert under the China Talent-1000 Program from 2012-2016 and a Guest Professor at Hefei University of Technology in China from 2010-2016.

Professor Adeloju has published over 300 papers in international journals, books and proceedings. A sample of his recent publications are as follows:

S.S Nair, B. Kolodziejczyk, K. West, T.S. Hansen, S. Adeloju, J.S. Forsythe and B. Winther-Jensen, “New Junction materials by the direct growth of ZnO NWs on Organic Semiconductors”, RSC Advances, 5 (2015), 7932-7937 .

L. Huang, L. Zheng, Y. Chen, F. Xue, L. Cheng, S.B. Adeloju, W. Chen, “A Novel GMO biosensor for rapid ultrasensitive and simultaneous detection of multiple DNA components in GMO products”, Biosensors & Bioelectronics,  66 (2015), 431-437.

J. Cui, E.E. Ogabiela, J. Hui, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, L. Tong, J. Zhang, S.B. Adeloju, X. Zhang, and Y. Wu, “Electrochemical Biosensor based on Pt/Au Alloy Nanowire Arrays for Phosphate Detection”, J. Electrochem Society, 162 [3]  (2015), B62-B67.

J. Ayenimo and S.B. Adeloju, “Inhibitive Potentiometric Detection of Trace Metals with Ultrathin Polypyrrole Glucose Oxidase Biosensor”, Talanta, 137 (2015), 62-70.

Y. Zhang and S. Adeloju, “Coupling of non-selective adsorption with selective elution for novel in-line separation and detection of cadmium by vapour generation atomic absorption spectrometry”, Talanta, 137 (2015) 148-155.

F. Ismail and S.B. Adeloju, “Comparison of Single Layer and Bilayer Biosensors based on Crosslinking of Penicillinase for Potentiometric Detection of Penicillin in Milk and Antibiotics”, Electroanalysis, 27 (2015), 1523-1531.

E. Ogabiela, S.B. Adeloju, J. Cui, Y. Wu and W. Chen, “A Novel Ultrasensitive Amperometric Phosphate Nanobiosensor based on the Integration of Pyruvate Oxidase with Highly Ordered Gold Nanowires Array”, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 71 (2015) 278-285.

Y. Chen, L. Yao, Y. Deng, D. Pan, E. Ogabiela, J. Cao, S.B. Adeloju and W. Chen, “Rapid and Ultrasensitive Colorimetric Detection of Mercury (II) by Chemical Initiated Aggregation of Gold Nanoparticles”, Microchimica Acta, 182 (2015) 2147-2154.

A.J. Reynolds, T.V. Verheyen, S.B. Adeloju, A. Chaffee, E. Meuleman, “Evaluation of Methods for Monitoring MEA Degradation During Pilot Scale Postcombustion Capture of CO2”, Int. J of Greenhouse Gas Control, 39 (2015) 407-419.

L. Yao, Y. Chen, J. Teng, W. Zheng, J. Wu, S.B. Adeloju, D. Pan, W. Chen, “Integrated platform with magnetic purification and rolling circular amplification for sensitive fluorescent detection of ochratoxin A”, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 74 (2015) 534-538.

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M.Z. Abdul Rahim, G. Govender-Hondros and S.B. Adeloju, “A single step electrochemical integration of gold nanoparticles, cholesterol oxidase, cholesterol esterase and mediator with polypyrrole films for fabrication of free and total cholesterol nanobiosensors”, Talanta, 189 (2018), 418-428.

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J.M. Sonawane, D. Pant, P.C. Ghosh, S.B. Adeloju, “Fabrication of a carbon paper/polyaniline-copper hybrid as an air cathode for microbial fuel cells”, ACS Applied Energy Materials (2019), DOI:10.1021/acsaem.8b02017.

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