Course Directors

Dr Yann Guisard

B. App. Sci. (Vit), B. App. Sci. (Env. Prod. Hort.) Class 1, PhD

Course Director
Building 1001 Room A78

Yann has been a Courses Director at Charles Sturt University since 2010. He is responsible for ensuring a collegial approach to the design of new undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as the evaluation and review of existing programs. He has worked with a range disciplines including Agriculture, Horticulture, Science, Food and Nutrition, Medical Science and Paramedicine. Recently he was appointed as the Course Director for Pharmacy, Dentistry and the Medicine programs at CSU. The role requires team building skills, working with a range of peers, blending the expertise of a range of academic and support staff as well as a strong understanding of the systems and policies governing the institution.

Yann has grounded his role as a Course Director in collaborative research in the scholarship of teaching and in particular, the scholarship of assessment. His interest range from the provision of automated feedback to students in traditional multiple choice exams to using data to evidence the acquisition of professional skills to professional accreditation bodies.

Yann enjoys mentoring his developing peers and was recently awarded a Senior Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy (UK).


Research Interests

My current research focuses on the evaluation of educational programs' performance against professional standards or other desirable outcomes. In particular, I am interested in evidencing and evaluating the acquisition of knowledge and skills as well as desirable attitudes in the professions. I use a range of evaluation and research methods, but I have specific interest in psychometrics using a combination of methods, including Classical Test and Item Response Theories.

The classification of this research may vary as its interpretation can be considered disciplinary in some cases. In the context of Higher Education, it contributes towards Fields of Research Codes 130209 Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy and 130303 - Education Assessment and Evaluation.

Current Research Projects

My recent projects include:

Guisard, Y., Bedgood., D. (2016-ongoing). A longitudinal study of multiple choice exams in chemistry: the validation of cross institutional first year chemistry national standards.

Guisard, Y., Bedgood., D. (2016-ongoing). Towards the automation of performance feedback to students in multiple choice chemistry exams.

Guisard, Y., Simpson, M., Hill, R. (2019-ongoing). The use of the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure to support the professional accreditation of three undergraduate health courses.

Guisard, Y., Simpson, M. (2019-ongoing). The validation of OSCEs to evidence professional competencies to a Pharmacy accreditation regulator.

Simpson, M., Guisard, Y., Cox, J., Messi, A. (2017-Ongoing). The characteristics of Arabic speaking patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Guisard, Y., Simpson, M., Skinner, K., Hyde, S. (2018-2019). Evidencing Physiotherapy students’ preparedness for practice.

Murphy, K., Guisard, Y., Curtin, M., Biles, J., Crawford, R. (2018-2019). Teaching Evidence Based Practice to Health students.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the following professional societies:

  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)
  • Australian Evaluation Society (AES)

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