Academic Integrity Officers

Dr Donovan Jones

PhD, MMid, RN, RM

Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery / Faculty Academic Integrity Officer
Port Macquarie

Donovan started his nursing career as a theatre nurse before moving into midwifery, becoming interested in teaching and research. Donovan has been involved with the Bachelor of Midwifery program at University of Newcastle as a lecturer since 2010. Having held the position of deputy program convenor Donovan was actively involved in the development of new midwifery curriculum starting in 2016 for the bachelor of midwifery at the University of Newcastle. Additionally, Donovan was the program convenor for nursing and midwifery honours at the University of Newcastle, before joining Charles Sturt University in 2019 as a senior lecturer in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health. As an early career researcher Donovan’s PhD “ mindfulness for men with pregnant partners” has attracted international recognition receiving international publications and has gained him a position as a board advisor on the international forum for wellbeing in pregnancy   In Addition, Donovan’s PhD is being run in the UK in 2019 through the University of Leeds.

Donovan is the academic lead in the design, development, implementation and research for transformative technologies developing virtual and augmented reality applications that affords students to have repeatable, portable and immersive learning in procedural skills, that are inseparable from the core work of health care professionals and industry. The advantages of bespoke augmented and virtual realties are that they may be extended for use across many disciplines of university teaching as well as providing commercial and research opportunities. The delivery of these contemporary digital solutions enables state of the art education for students and practical skills to support improved employability. In addition, building a continuation of transformative technology driven teaching and learning ecosystem within Charles Sturt University that meets the needs of the students and academics, continuing to build Charles Sturt University as a sector leader in utilising technology to distribute and consume learning assets, attracting new students, increasing student satisfaction, engagement, success and retention across undergraduate health degrees.

Donovan has an active research program in the development, usability, deployment and integration of transformative technologies including virtual and augmented reality for teaching and engaging students in their learning - having formed inter-professional research collaborations across the world (including the University of Surrey, University of Illinois and Dublin UCD) to translate transformative technologies into clinical practice. Donovan has led the development of a Neonatal Virtual Reality program designed to provide health professionals and students with accessible and repeatable neonatal resuscitation lifesaving skills; released the Road to Birth education application, providing a non-invasive internal view of pregnancy progression utilising both virtual and augmented reality technology. With the launch of a world-first conflict resolution using VR and real-time biofeedback, to help undergraduate students learn about conflict resolution in health care, Donovan brings some exciting work/research with him in his role as senior lecturer in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health.

Research collaborations

  • SmartLabs, Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland, Dublin University
  • University of Illinois Medical Engineering, United States
  • University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • University of Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Creative arts and Design, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • International Forum for Well Being in Pregnancy, London, UK
  • Mid North Coast Health District, New South Wales, Australia
  • John Hunter Hospital, Hunter New England Health, Australia
  • Hunter Medical Research Institute HMRI, Australia

Donovan is an alumnus of the CSIRO On-Prime and On-Accelerate programs designed to assist researchers developing skills in the commercialisation of deep technologies from universities to commercial viability and continues to be active in this space.   Additionally, Donovan is a member of the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and BRICS nursing and midwifery research network. Internationally Donovan is a post-doctoral research member of SMARTlab linked with Universities around the globe with the aim to create and research social inclusive, sustainable VR/AR projects for use to all.


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