Occupational Therapy

Michelle Kersten

B.App.Sci. Occupational Therapy (Honours 1)

Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Port Macquarie

Michelle is an occupational therapist with specific expertise in health and life transitions for people with complex health problems and disabilities. Michelle worked for 20 years in hospital and community settings in service provision, management, education and policy translation. She has seeks to not only identify problems, but to seek innovative ways of providing client centred solutions.

Michelle has a particular interest in inclusive research, and seating, positioning and pressure care to support home and community participation. Michelle is finalising PhD research examining community mobility experiences of young adults on the autism spectrum and is involved in an NDIS project to build the capacity of nurses to care for people with intellectual disability and/or autism.

Michelle’s mission is to empower people living with complex health problems and disabilities to survive, adapt and thrive in their homes and communities, and to champion occupational therapists’ skills to support them.

Michelle teaches in the undergraduate occupational therapy program.

Michelle is interested in a range of research topics including primary health care, the support of people living in the community, ethnography, inclusive research, pressure injury, seating, and supporting community participation and social inclusion.

Michelle is currently finalising PhD research with autistic youth and their families to explore their experiences of moving around and participating in the community. Michelle is interested in exploring in more detail the experiences of autistic youth with bullying.

Michelle is co-supervising an honours student examining the experiences of people with pressure injury in the community and is interested in exploring further how occupational therapists provide support.

Michelle is currently involved with facilitating inclusive research within an NDIS funded project to build the capacity of nurses to care for people with intellectual disability and/or autism.

  • Registered Occupational Therapist- AHPRA
  • Member of Occupational Therapy Australia

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