Occupational Therapy

Dr Helen van Huet

BaAppSci Occupational Therapy, Grad Cert Higher Ed Teaching and Learning

Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Albury / Wodonga
Building 673 Room 415

Helen van Huet is a part time lecturer in occupational therapy. She joined CSU permanently in mid 2002 after casual involvement with the course from 1998. She has worked in a variety of clinical practice settings, including psychiatry, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, pain management and vocational rehabilitation. She has a specific interest in neurological rehabilitation, upper limb rehabilitation and chronic pain management.
From a teaching and learning perspective, Helen has a special interest in supporting students from diverse backgrounds to succeed at university, especially the first year experience and embedding inclusive first year curriculum principles into courses.
Helen completed her PhD with the University of Sydney in 2011 researching chronic pain and it's management from the perspectives of clients with pain and occupational therapists working in that practice area.
She is currently undertaking a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning and has a strong interest in students' First Year Experience (FYE) and student retention.
Helen teaches in technique and practice-related subjects which focus on applying theory to practice.

Position/s Held
  • Lecturer - Occupational Therapy


Helen completed her graduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2013. She had been teaching in the Higher Education Sector since 1998. Helen has taught across all years of the OT course and into other courses within the School of Community Health including Physiotherapy and Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She took on the   role of Acting Discipline Lead - Occupational Therapy, in the second half of 2015. She has also held the position Workplace Learning Coordinator in 2015.

Subject Delivery
  • OCC300: Enabling Strategies 2 (Support Teaching)
  • OCC413: Occupation Practice in Context
Innovations in Teaching

Helen received the Faculty of Science Award for Teaching Excellence: First Year Teaching Team - School of Community Health. She was also noted for embedding principles to support inclusive teaching practice with students as part of a 2014 project with Academic Success at a University-wide level including Policy.
Helen holds a particular interest in the First Year Experience (FYE) for students. She has been Chair of the First Year Teaching Team, developed innovations in subject delivery, applied technological innovations and transitioned students to university.  Helen trialled iPads in class as part of the Mlearn project and this has be expanded to include the purchase and set up of iPads for class use. She has trialled the use of Quick Response codes as a way of transforming learning materials that can be scanned and stored by students on mobile devices.

Research and Publications

Research Interests

Helen retains a regular interest in professional innovative practice in occupational therapy professional practice and her academic research experiences have targeted  interest areas including:

  • Chronic pain management.
  • Qualitative research.
  • Student First Year Experience.
  • Innovations in teaching.
  • Research codes (FORs) 1117.

Helen's professional practice and academic research experiences have been in the above interest areas. She retains a regular interest in professional innovative practice in occupational therapy in the above area.

List of Publications
  • van Huet, H., Parnell, T., & Mitsch, V. (In-press). Personal Care In M. Curtin, J. E. Adams & M. Egan (Eds.,). Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction (7th ed.) Oxford: Elsevier
  • van Huet, H., Innes, E., & Stancliffe, R. (2013). Occupational therapists perspectives of factors influencing chronic pain management. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal, 60(1) 56-66
  • van Huet, H. (2011). Living and doing with chronic pain: Clients' and occupational therapists' perspectives. (Doctoral dissertation: The University of Sydney, 2011).
  • van Huet, H., Blackwood, K., & Rodger, S. (2011). Developing your team's curriculum vision. In S. Rodger, Good practice guides and cases to support curriculum development and renewal in occupational therapy [ALTC Fellowship Report]. Queensland: University of Queensland
  • van Huet, H., Parnell, T., McLeod Boyle, A., & Mitsch, V. (2010). Enabling engagement in self-care occupations In M. Curtin, M. Molineux, J. Supyk (Eds.).Occupational therapy and physical dysfunction (6th ed.) Oxford: Elsevier
  • van Huet, H., Innes, E., & Whiteford, G. (2009). Living and doing with chronic pain: Narratives of pain program participants. Disability and Rehabilitation,
  • van Huet, H., & Williams, D. (2007). Self-beliefs about pain and occupational performance: A comparison of two measures used in a pain management program. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 27 (1), 4-12.
  • van Huet, H., & Innes, E. (2006). Chronic pain stories and reflection on self in occupation. In G. Whiteford (Ed). Voice, Identity and Reflexivity: Proceedings of the Second RIPPLE Qualitative Research as Interpretive Practice Conference, 2005, Australia (pp.201-208).
  • van Huet, H., & Lyneham, J. (1997) NRS 235- Pain Management, Occupational Therapy Supplement. Bathurst: Charles Sturt University.

Community Engagement

Helen is a volunteer for Carevan, a not for profit organisation providing support to people who experience homelessness and / or disadvantage.

Memberships and Affiliations
  • Australian Occupational Therapy Association. National Registered Occupational Therapist.
  • OT Australia Vic Chronic Pain Management Special Interest Group
  • OLT Occupational Therapy Academic Leaders Network (OTALN). This includes representatives from universities across Australia and New Zealand. Members meet to engage in educational initiatives across universities, focus on areas of curriculum development and network.
  • CSU Women in Leadership Program. This involves work shopping with women across CSU campuses, both academic and professional to explore issues related to leadership in CSU and promoting leadership skills into the future.
  • Local Murray Area Occupational Therapy Group.
  • Volunteer for Carevan, which provides meals for homeless and disadvantaged persons.

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