Medical Science

Dr Justin Roby

Bachelor of Biotechnology Advanced - Honours Class I, Doctor of Philosophy in Virology

Research Fellow in Biochemistry
Wagga Wagga
Building 288 Room 236

Dr. Roby currently holds the position of Research Fellow in Biochemistry at the School of Dentistry and Medical Sciences in Wagga Wagga. Dr. Roby is a virologist and innate immunologist by training and is passionate about virology research. Dr. Roby obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Queensland (2014) for work on a DNA-launched, replicating West Nile virus vaccine. He recently worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington, Seattle where he gained expertise in innate immune signalling in response to flaviviral infections; ultimately finding that these viruses destabilize signalling components to antagonize host defence.

Dr. Roby joined the Forwood laboratory at CSU in October 2019, and is currently using crystallography to determine the molecular structures of viral proteins and how they interact with the host. Dr. Roby is continuing to explore the relationship between viruses and antiviral host signalling as determinants of pathogenesis.

Dr. Roby has taught and coordinated the subject BMS524 – Advanced Virology since 2020, and has provided guest lectures on virology for the subject BMS315 – Medical Microbiology.

Dr. Roby co-supervises and mentors several HDR candidates (both Honours and PhD students) through the Forwood lab in projects focused upon revealing the structural basis of virus-host protein interactions.

Dr. Roby conducts research to investigate virus-host protein interactions and the structure-function relationship of viral virulence factors through the Forwood lab. Dr. Roby participates in several projects that include:

  • Structure, host immune antagonist functions, and evolution of the Merbecovirus virulence factor ORF4b.
  • Functional requirements, diversification, and gene therapy exploitation of nuclear import signals that mediate adeno-associated virus transduction.
  • Structural determinants regulating the function of Mononegavirales virulence factors.
  • Functional determinates of nuclear import for the key human T-lymphotropic virus 1 regulatory protein HBZ.
  • Conservation and divergence among the mammalian importin-alpha nuclear transport protein family.
  • Virus-derived, isoform-specific inhibitors of nuclear transport as anti-cancer therapeutics.
  • Australasian Virology Society
  • Australian Society for Microbiology
  • Australian Institute of Medical Scientists
  • Associate Membership - Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation
  • Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand

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