Dr Mohammed Sohail Memon

BA, DMD, MDSc. (Prostho), FICCDE, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Dentistry
Building 1006

Dr Sohail is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Dentistry at CSU, Orange campus and Adjunct Professor at Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry (HCM&D), Hamdard University, Pakistan. In 2009, The University of Sydney offered him a Lecturer position based on extensive teaching experience in Prosthodontics and PhD candidature. He was elected as a postgraduate student representative and later appointed as Faculty of  Dentistry postgraduate representative  to The University of Sydney academic Board. Dr Sohail as an academic, researcher and postgraduate student contributed for the quality dental education, novel research, curriculum development of DMD, BDS programs and student-faculty interaction. Currently he is providing supervision to 3rd year to Final year students in clinical and simulation training of Bachelor of Dental Science student of CSU.

Dr Sohail is contributing in teaching and research since 1997. Prior moving to Australia, he was associated with HCM&D as Associate Prof in Restorative Dentistry and Head, Dept. of Prosthodontics. He was leading in the profession and contributed in wide range of clinical, academic and research activities. Dr Sohail has practiced general dentistry since 1994 and as a Prosthodontist since 2000 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, practicing general dentistry (part time) at Universal Dental Clinic, Granville, NSW. He is active member of dental community and was awarded fellowship of International College of Continuing Dental Education in 2006 for his contribution in the field of Prosthodontics and professional development.

Dr Sohail gained his DMD degree from Centro Escolar University, Philippines in 1994, Master's degree (Prosthodontics) from University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2000. Dr Sohail relates his clinical experience in research and received scholarships, grants and funding for his research projects. In 2009, he received prestigious scholarship for PhD from ADA (NSW) and Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Sydney for NHMRC supported project in the Jaw Function and Orofacial Pain research. He completed PhD in 2013 and remained associated with teaching and research. He has published numerous research papers and abstracts in reputed journals and presented at national and international forums.

Dr Sohail has extensive teaching experience within multidisciplinary clinical dentistry with focus on Prosthodontics. His main interest is in the quality undergraduate clinical and simulation training. Dr Sohail started teaching career as a demonstrator at Karachi Medical & Dental College in 1997, and after obtaining Masters in Prosthodontics, he joined Baqai Dental College, Karachi, Pakistan in 2000 as Assistant Professor (Prosthodontics). He contributed in revising and upgrading curriculum, clinical and simulation training. In 2002, he moved to Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan as an Assistant Professor and head, dept of Prosthodontics. He developed new curriculum and establish didactic clinical training with the help of colleagues. He was promoted as Associate Professor in 2006. His efforts successfully provided a well-trained team of teaching and supporting staff, facilities and structured teaching and training to BDS students, which helped institute gain a good reputation in short span of time and increased number of patients in OPD.

Dr Sohail joined University of Sydney in 2009, and continued contributing in the teaching of PBL, clinical and simulation dentistry in the areas of Prosthodontics, Integrated dentistry and Oral Surgery and earned respect of supervisors, colleagues, students and patients for his strong clinical skills, knowledge and dedication. He has also contributed in teaching at The University of Newcastle in Ourimbah (2015-2016) and coordinated clinical courses. Dr Sohail joined CSU dentistry this year 2020 as a Senior Lecturer in Clinical dentistry and contributing in teaching of 3rd to final year students in clinical and simulation clinics. His students are contributing in clinical practice and teaching around the world. Throughout career, Dr Sohail has been involved in the variety of activities to help students and faculty and maintained connection with colleagues nationally and internationally.

Dr Sohail continued professional development either by presenting or attending seminars/ workshops/ meetings. He is also training overseas qualified dentists to align their clinical skills and knowledge with Australian standards for the preparation of ADC examination at Hadiqa & Ahmed Sohail Institute of Dental Education (HASIDE) Australia.

Dr Sohail mostly engaged in clinical research and interests relate to :

Orofacial pain and jaw function


Oral habits, harmful substances and oral health

Dental practice, postures and impact on general health

Denture base resin

Restoration of mutilated dentition

Dr Sohail completed NHMRC funded PhD project on topic “The effect of acute (experimental) and chronic( neuropathic) orofacial pain on Jaw muscle activity and Jaw movement during chewing” under supervision of Prof Greg Murray and associate supervisor Prof. Chris Peck. He won Colgate travel, and presented his research on various national and international forums. He has mentored MPhil and supervised BDent (Honors) students

Dr Sohail had been the active member of various international societies (e.g., IADR, PDA, MDA, ADA etc) and reviewer of three high index international journals. He is a fellow in the International College of Continuing Dental Education (FICCD) and registered with:


NSW Dental Board, AHPRA

NSW, Australia.

(As general dentist)

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

Islamabad, Pakistan

(As general dentist and Prosthodontist)


Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates


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