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Volume 7 No 2 2011

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 7 Number 2 - 2011

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  Research Forum
1 M Titterton, R Eversole and J Lyall
The use of knowledge partnering as an extension strategy in adaptation to climate variability
7 KP Bryceson and GJ Slaughter
Aligning operational and corporate goals: A case study in cultivating a whole-of-business approach using a supply chain simulation game
  Industry Forum
17 H Kruger
Engaging the community in biosecurity issues
22 D Mason
Hawkesbury Harvest - a multifunctional agriculture model for regional rural development
27 MA Sarker, AH Chowdhury, MAM Miah, MK Aurangozeb and FA Peloschek
Participatory rural video centre in fostering women's voices- A model from Bangladesh
33 JG Vargas-Hernández
Organizational sustainability: The case of handcrafts micro business in Southern San Sebastian
38 G Reid
Building a coordinated approach to Climate Change extension
41 C Bell and D Bayley
You are invited to the marriage of Extension and Vocational Training
48 R Stephens
Informing and empowering those in horticulture to make better business decisions
52 A McCaffery, J Montgomery, R Jackson, S Bray and S Priest
Optimising a model to deliver financial incentives - the lessons learnt through evaluation!
57 J Smith, J Lacy and S Fukai
Adapting the Cropcheck extension model to rice production systems in Lao PDR
63 A Senn, B Upjohn, S Machar, W Yiasoumi and P Bennett
Accountability in action - responsible disbursement of grants for environmental works on farms
67 A Senn, J O'Connor, W Dougherty and S Machar
Assessing on-ground works that reduce farm nutrient exports
72 K Forge-Zirkler, R Ballard, and M Taylor
Profitable biodiverse wool production systems for the Northern Tablelands of NSW: science and extension working together
77 J Hamilton, M Quirk, R Dyer, J Scanlan, T Emery and D Phelps
A three-legged approach towards improved development and adoption of best-bet practices for managing grazing lands across northern Australia
81 C Sudholz, D Shaw, S Wallis and J Wilson
A systematic approach to improving whole farm planning project delivery
86 K Charleston, M Miles and H Brier
IPM workshops for growers and consultants - lessons for R, D and E
92 J Sardelic, B Keeble, A Medhurst, G Kaine and E Tee
Innovative Service Delivery - A case study of new directions for the Victorian DPI
98 N Botha and H Roth
Eliciting New Zealand hill country farmers' decisions to participate in a voluntary soil conservation strategy
103 S Smith, M Connelly and W Hunt
Using structured self-assessment to improve cross cultural extension in the vegetable industry of the Northern Territory
109 R Murray-Prior, FT Israel, RG. Bacus, DI. Apara, SB Concepcion, MO Montiflor, J Axalan, RJG Lamban, RR Real, PJ Batt and MF Rola-Rubzen
Reducing poverty through participatory action learning and action research processes with smallholder vegetable farmers in Mindanao
115 T Parminter
Opportunities for utilising voluntary policy methods in natural resource statutory planning
118 K Roberts, D Healy, R Apted and Mark Cotter
Restoring the landscape after Black Saturday
123 M Smith and S Newman
Working with the Vietnam Women's Union - why a social-political organisation makes a good research partner
126 P Thomas, S Adapa, E Davies, M Fortunato and T Alter
Intentional Innovation Communities: strengthening innovation performance in the Northern Inland Region of NSW
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