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Volume 6 No 1 2010

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 6 Number 1 - 2010

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  Research Forum
1 S Brumby, S Willder & J Martin
Milking their health for all its worth? Improving the health of farming families through facilitated learning
11 R Nettle & G Lamb
Water security: how can extension work with farming worldviews?
23 AS Herianto, SP Wastutinigsih, D Foster, M Rimmer & R Callinan
Agricultural and fisheries extension in Indonesia - origins, transitions and current challenges
33 G Stone
Facilitating an effective information supply chain from R&D providers through agribusiness advisers to growers
43 J McRobert & L Rickards
Social research: insights into farmers' conversion to no-till farming systems
53 TA Payne & DR Stevens
Trouble on the water: understanding the context of dairy farmers work in Canterbury, New Zealand
63 E van de Fliert, B Christiana, R Hendayana & R Murray-Prior
Pilot Roll-Out: adaptive research in farmers' worlds
73 R Nettle, J McKenzie, J Coutts, R Boehm, D Saunders, C Wythes, J Fisher, J O'Sullivan, S Kelly
Making capacity building theory practical: The On the Fast Track project
Industry Forum - Keynote Papers
83 KE Davis
The what, who, and how of shaping change in African communities through extension
91 D Stehlik
Achieving more socially sustainable communities
95 E van de Fliert
Participatory communication in rural development: What does it take for the established order?
Industry Forum
101 AE Carmichael, G Kong & D Beasley
Decision support: Developing and delivering diagnostic information to strengthen Australia's biosecurity
105 J Conte, C Baudains & T Lyons
Connecting the dots: What can we learn from other disciplines about behaviour change?
111 M Smith & V Brunton
Weaving diverse cultural backgrounds into the training framework: Using participatory learning in a formal training framework to help farmers produce safe vegetables
115 G Drysdale, N Markham, M Paine, A Michael & A Crawford
Using a 'levels of decision making' framework in extension
123 S Kenny & P Shannon
Using soft systems methodology to support extension program development in the dairy industry
129 S Heisswolf, J Coutts, K Bell, I Kay & S Subramaniam
Asking the hard questions - has our extension approach had impact on Integrated Pest Management implementation?
135 J Crisp
Planning extension activities for impact
139 PR Cooke
Education in Landcare groups: social learning aspects of adaptive management
145 N Guise, N Gannaway & Y Jones
Development of an innovative extension model for small landholders - an experiential learning journey
151 DA Evans & P Thomas
Intentional Innovation Communities: A strategy for radical improvement of Australia's innovation performance
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