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Volume 5 No 2 2009

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 5 Number 2 - 2009

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Research Forum
1 L Cowan, C Linehan & G Kaine
Evaluating incentive program  success: a hill land class fencing case study
9 N Kennon, P Howden & M Hartley
Who really matters? A stakeholder analysis tool
19 M O'Kane and R Nettle
Partner Farms in multidisciplinary research: The continuing evolution of a research and development methodology
29 N Hogg & JK Davis
What is hindering the adoption of new annual pasture legumes? Extension requirements to over come these barriers
39 MA Sarker, Y Itohara & M Hoque
Determinants of adoption decisions: The case of organic farming (OF) in Bangladesh
47 W Waters, D Thomson & R Nettle
Derived attitudinal farmer segments: A method for understanding and working with the diversity of Australian dairy farmers
59 M O'Kane, B King & G O'Brien
Farmer risk perceptions and  practice: Utilising notions of risk for extension in Project 3030
71 M Brown & D Bewsell
Is eLearning a viable option to face-to-face workshops for generating and sharing information within the New Zealand sheep and beef industry?
81 D Bewsell & M Brown
Involvement and decision making on-farm: the use of wintering feedpads and nitrogen inhibitors on dairy farms  in New Zealand
91 V Photakoun, J Millar & D Race
Evaluating capacity building methods to strengthen livestock extension outcomes in Laos
101 DM Gray
The known unknowns of climate change: adaptation in the Southern Agricultural Region of Western Australia
Industry Forum
111 IC Plowman
'Productive Meeting Techniques': How a group of people can engage in high-quality dialogue and reach wise decisions without talking to each other
117 R Manning, P Wright & J Roe
Sustainable land management through local government: Improving integration of NRM into land use planning - the SEAVROC PLUM case
121 M Hill
Using farmer's information seeking behaviour to inform the design of extension
127 VL Stone & KL Devenish
Does the hard copy newsletter still have a place in today's electronic based information systems?
131 T Makin, J Lawes, P  Wearne & M Weise
Creating change around 'sticky beaking' and networking
139 J Hardy, A Ryder & A Bathgate
Getting cold and prickly on saltland  extension
145 J Blake & G Shea
Learning from public private  partnerships in extension - Case studies of joint initiatives with agribusiness
151 K Bodman
Western Australian service to  aboriginal pastoralists
157 J Sloan & M Ryan
Farmers of the future: responsive,  adaptable and profitable
163 S Proust & P Brockwell
Graduate certificate in rural  extension and community development
169 P Mangano, J Bellati, K Henry, P Umina & D Severtson
PestFax and PestFacts - newsletters  successfully facilitating interactive communication on invertebrate pest and  disease control in broadscale crops and pastures in southern Australia
175 J Bellati, K Henry, P Umina, K Charleston, P Mangano, H Brier, D Severtson &  A McLennan
From boring bug lectures to  interactive invertebrate learning - Using audience participation software to 'actively' transform grains industry training
181 MP Thompson, A Carmichael, S Shattuck, G Kong, D Peck & J  La Salle
Remote microscope diagnostics:  Improving Australia's  diagnostic capacity and biosecurity
187 D Curry & R Reid
Peer group mentors contribute to  diversified, sustainable and innovative farming communities
195 E Maesepp & J Richardson
The farmers and the funders. A case  study of the Upper Coblinine Catchment Demonstration Initiative
201 D Fisher, K Kennison & G Ward
Wine, forests and smoke: Land users living in harmony

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