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Volume 5 No 1 2009

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 5 Number 1 - 2009

Pages Article
i - iv Contents
Research Forum
1 Aysha Fleming, Frank Vanclay
Using discourse analysis to improve extension  practice
11 BJ King, MS Paine, R Beilin and MP O'Kane
Encounters with knowledge entrepreneurs and  'sticky' knowledge transfer: Case Study Project 3030
23 Sean  Kenny and Geoff Drysdale
Working on a new frontier: exploring the  methodological challenges of addressing complex problems
33 Imogen Schwarz, Pam McRae-Williams and Danielle  Park
Identifying and utilising a farmer typology for  targeted practice change programs:  A  case study of changing water supply in the Wimmera Mallee
43 Anne Stelling, Joanne Millar, Phonepaseuth  Phengsavanh and Werner Stur
Establishing learning alliances between extension organisations: Key learnings from Laos
53 JL Bond, SK Kriesemer, JE Emborg and ML Chadha
Understanding farmers' pesticide use in Jharkhand India
63 Megan Hill, Ben Rowbottom and Geoff Kaine
Understanding the benefits sought from grapevine nutrition management by Australian wine grape growers
73 Richard Clark, Jane Gray, Garry Griffith, Tshilidzi Madzivhandila, Nkhanedzeni Nengovhela, Cynthia Mulholland and Janice Timms
A model to achieve sustainable improvement and innovation in organisations, industries, regions and communities
85 Jeff Russell
Synergies of public-private grower-based research in the Western Australian grains industry
95 Eastwood, C and Kenny, S
Art or science? Heuristic versus data driven grazing management on dairy farms
103 Kawsar P. Salam, Roy Murray-Prior, David Bowran and Moin U Salam
Cadiz and Casbah pastures in Western Australia: breeders' expectation, farmers' evaluation and achieved adoption
Industry Forum
113 Richard Moore and Leonie Offer
Assessing changes in social capacity: experience with the 'Most Significant Change' technique
119 Tafadzwa (Tafi) Manjala
An extension officer's perspective on practice change
123 Scott McDonald, Alex Goudy and Vincent Versace
Transition of public extension to the private sector: a case study
127 Kate Charleston, Melina Miles and Austin McLennan
Blogs about bugs: Embracing Web 2.0 to communicate with grains industry clients about integrated pest management issues
133 Maxine Schache and Tony Adams
Benchmarking as an extension tool: instant gratification versus 20:20 hindsight
139 Cindy Parsons
Different segments of the Western Australian farming community prefer different extension tools when searching for cropping information from the Department of Agriculture and Food
143 Joanne Millar
Adapting extension approaches to cultural environments in South East Asia: experiences from Laos and Indonesia
149 Janice Mentiplay-Smith
Carpet pythons and Biodiversity Action Planning: using an icon species to deliver extension in an agricultural and environmental context
155 Jenny Treeby, Kirsten Henderson, Pam Strange, Caroline Welsh and Stuart Putland
Using scenarios to build a resilient community: lessons learnt in Sunraysia
161 A McCaffery, A Fitzgerald and B Verbeek
Using supply chain management principles to build relationships with clients
167 John James
Using Web 2.0 technologies to enable practice change in Australian agriculture
173 Ronald Master and Dave Broadhurst
Lessons from applying the principles of the Salinity Investment Framework at a local level in catchment and farm planning
179 Rebecca Heath, Susie Murphy White and Jamie Bowyer
Community consultation in the setting of resource condition targets for dryland salinity ??? did it work?
185 Jonathan England
Visual aids to increase the awareness of condition scoring of sheep - a model approach
191 Master R, Bowyer J and Heath R
The 'Profitable perennials' project: a case study
197 Gerry Roberts, Peter Hanrahan and Geoff Knights
Evaluation ??? chasing industry impact
203 Darold Klindworth and Diana Carr
CowTime's 'Maximum Milk Out Times' was a good marriage of research and practice change
207 Danielle England and Susie Murphy White
Industry development: involving the whole industry in practice change
213 Malwinder Pandher, Rabi Maskey and Terry Batey
Innovative approaches to service delivery to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) farmers in Victoria
219 Jane Hamilton, Chris Chilcott and Colin Paton
Towards a common goal: Combining an industry development extension package with a sub catchment NRM approach

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