Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Volume 2 No 1 2006

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 2 - 2006

Pages Article
i - iv Contents
Research Forum
1 Allan A Charry, D Roberts, S Knox and SM  Mannix
Standardised ranking values (SRVs): the statistical population approach for easy on-farm identification of superior animals
15 Rod J Cox, GK Watson, TB McRae and CM Cunial
Opportunities and limits  to the future of the Australian farmed venison industry
27 Bill Malcolm and J Crosthwaite
Analysing decisions about conserving native pastures
39 Alexandria Sinnet and B Malcom
Growth in dairy farming
65 Jonathon Tocker, N Shadbolt and J Gardner
Management information systems in two New Zealand dairy farm businesses of different scale
77 Lindsay Trapnell and B Malcolm
The net benefits from growing lucerne in the Broken Plains area of north-eastern Victoria
81 Geoff Watson, RJ Cox, TB Mc Rae and CM Cunial 
Development of change management initiatives for the Australian venison industry Ww
91 Ucheadausokwe UN Uzokwe and UA Ofuoku
Changes in gender division of agricultural labour in Delta State Nigeria and implications for  agricultural extension services
97 Ukaru A Ofuku, UN Ozokwe and V Ideh
Comparative analysis of co-operative and non-cooperative fish farmers in the central agro-ecological zone of Delta State Nigeria
Industry Forum
105 Patrick Mackarness and B Malcolm
Public policy and managed investment schemes for hardwood plantations
117 Christopher K Morgan
Exploiting farm tours to excel agricultural student learning and development

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